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Food Precautions And Routine For Piles Patients

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Food Precautions And Routine For Piles Patients

If you are suffering from Piles or Haemorrhoids problem then you need to take care of your food habits. Try to eat healthy and fiber-rich food in your diet. Food precautions for piles patients are necessary otherwise piles pain can increase. Liquid diet for hemorrhoids patients is also important, they need to take a lot of liquids in the form of fruit juices and water so that stools become softer and easy to pass out.

Food Precautions for Piles Patients

  1. Stop using any tea/coffee completely. No outside hot/Cold Beverages.
  2. Do not use sour taste items (Tamarind, Lemons, Pickles, Tomatoes, Curds, oranges, citrus, Vinegar etc.) in your food.
  3. Non-Vegetarian food even eggs are completely restricted.
  4. No Chilies in any form (Red, green, Chili powder, and raw) and spicy food.
  5. No deep-fried and oily food best preferred is boiled food.
  6. No Heavy pulses i.e. Black Grams (Urd), Kidney Grams (Rajmaha), Lobia Etc.
  7. Drinking is strictly prohibited in any case, smoking and chewing of any tobacco items have to be avoided.
  8. No heavy exercises i.e. weight lifting, but complete bed rest is not required.
  9. Avoid long journeys, sitting/driving riding for long hours, after every 1-hour session please have a 10 minutes walk and no late-night working or awakening.

Liquid Diet for Hemorrhoids Patients

  1. Drink lots of water (4-5) liters in a day)
  2. Drink radish juice 50-100 ml thrice in a day. (mandatory). Eat radishes and carrots compulsory in your food or as a salad.
  3. Use light and liquid food as Moong Dal (Green Grams), Arahar dal(Yellow dal), rice, etc.
  4. Suggested Food routine:
    Breakfast: Have Daliya/Saviyan/Fruit salad/Upma/Poha /Idli etc.
    Lunch: Semi-solid mixture (khichadi) of Rice and Moong (Green Grams)in lunch.
    Dinner: Green Grams/Vegetables and rice/roti with a half spoon homemade butter added to vegetables in dinner. All the preparation shall be without spices, chilies, and oil. Preferred to have boiled food.
  5. Take one spoon of Triphala powder or any other digestive enhancer with warm water or as per the prescriptions before going to sleep.
  6. Eat fiber rich fruits and vegetables i.e. Papaya, Fig, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Guava, etc.

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