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Finger Numbness - What Should You Know?

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Finger Numbness - What Should You Know?

The carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy can be the two problems which cause numbness in the fingers. The median nerve at the base of the hand passes through the carpal tunnel. If the tunnel is pinched or narrow, the nerve may be tightened, which affects the functioning of the fingers. The numbness, pain, and sensations in the fingers can be due to the neurological disorder in the body.

How Can I Relieve Numbness in My Hands?

The numbness in the hands and fingers can be very uncomfortable, especially when you are writing or driving. Many medications will relieve your numbness, but you can also try effective home remedies which have no side effects.

● Apply ice on the numbness or just dip your hands in the ice-cold water for a few minutes.

● You can also try heat massage by heating a massage pad or salt bag and applying on your numbed fingers.

● Daily stretching and exercise of hands and fingers can also relieve you from finger pain.

● Regular meditation and walk can relieve you from pain and refresh your muscles from stress.

● Avoid lifting heavy weights because it may tighten your tunnel.

There are also various ways to relieve your numbness in the thumb and fingers of the hands by means of using acupressure and herbal tea.

What Causes Numbness in Fingers While Sleeping?

Many reasons cause numbness in the fingers. Waking up with numb fingers or hands is generally not worrisome, if you do not have any other nerve symptoms. Many times, the sleeping position puts extra pressure on your hands or fingers, which causes numbness.

The nerve compression is very common while sleeping. This happens due to the position of sleep or the sharing of the bed. If you are experiencing other symptoms like weakness in the hands and legs or pain, this may lead to some serious nerve damage disease.

What Causes Numbness in Tips of Fingers?

The main reason for numbness in the tips of the fingers is the ulnar nerve compression. The ulnar nerve is responsible for the pain and shock to the hand that gives grip to the fingers. If you sleep with folded arms or legs inwards, then it is possible that you might have numbness in the tips of the fingers. The ulnar nerve reacts when pressure is put on the elbows or knees. What Does it Mean When You Wake up, and Your Fingers are Numb? Many people think that numbness in the fingers and hands are caused due to some disorder or serious illness. But, it is very common. Numbness in the fingers happens when the nerve compression is applied for a longer time.


Numbness is not always a problem. However, if it occurs with other significant nerve symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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