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Exiting Funny Workouts To Fit Physique

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Exiting Funny Workouts To Fit Physique

Fitness info - funny workouts to fit physique 

In recent years as lot of new workouts come about spinning cross fit mma zumba and other interesting fitness regimes have replaced running on the treadmill and lifting weights. Working out today not only become more fashionable but a whole lot more fun. To avoid boring in doing the same exercise routine daily, following few can be tried are 

A. Boxing : This reduces stress with punching bag and take a step forward and get mentally and physically fit with boxing.

B. Wall climbing : It is a full body workout which requires extreme focus determination and dedication which in turn reduces fear of heights

C. Aerial silks : This requires strength as well as grace which takes upper body strength to the next level and also makes more flexible besides it is of fun hanging mid air.

D. Acro yoga : Iis a form of partner yoga which combines acrobatics and yoga, as one person is at the base and one is on top whom the other balances. It is a great mind body workout, which teaches connection communication and trust.

E. Slacklining : It is when balancing on a loosely tied rope and start walking on it while the rope is held not too high from the ground and working the way to jumps and flips. And doing this in open space or green park in the thick of nature which is really the best way to get healthy.

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