Excessive Use Of Smartphones - Is It Good Or Bad For Your Love Life?

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Excessive Use Of Smartphones - Is It Good Or Bad For Your Love Life?

Cell phones are omnipresent, and there is no denying the fact. While there are certainly numerous benefits of owning a smartphone, they also bring along a host of harmful effects. The new age researchers are now evaluating the negative effects of cell phones in our day to day life, and you will be surprised to know that these cell phones are also taking a toll in our private relationships.

  • Instils a sense of jealousy in your partner: It has now been proved that is attached to the smartphone can sabotage the connection you share with your partner. Even though calling your loved one makes them happier and satisfied in the relation, there is a dark side as well. Nowadays, people get jealous of their partner's cell phone and the way it is used. Some even refer to this usage as psychological dependence on the device.
  • Lesser satisfaction in a relationship: Some people reported that their partner constantly keeps on checking their phones. And this leads to lower levels of satisfaction, which, in turn, leads to higher levels of depression, anxiety, and even a fallout. Those who tend to snub the cell phone of a partner have reported that it leads to conflict and various personal issues. Smartphones have taken such an enormous place in our lives that many even unintentionally ignore their significant other in favor of this little gadget.
  • Leads to sexual problems: Scientists have also found that men who use smartphones for more than 4 to 5 hours are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This means using mobile phones too often could mean risking your fertility according to the distinct studies carried by Egypt and Cleveland. In the study conducted in Egypt, it was found that there is a negative correlation between vitality and too much of phone use on a daily basis. On the Cleveland study, it was found that men who indulge in a mobile conversation for over 4 hours a day possess the worst quality of sperm. These harmful effects could be attributed to the electromagnetic radiation transmitted by the handsets or the heat generated by the phones.

Smartphones have caused the physical distance between the partners to breed mistrust. Partners always worry who their better half is engaged to and this is reflected in their physical intimacy as well. The youth are so immersed in the virtual reality that they are giving up necessary rest that the body needs and are not able to enjoy a normal sexual relationship that should be inherent in the bonding that a couple shares. It is therefore very crucial to take a necessary step to reduce smartphone use to realize the beauty of a natural romantic relationship.
So, use the gadget wisely to avoid its ill effects before it takes a toll on your relationship and life.

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