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Ear Trauma - Tips To Deal With It!

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Ear Trauma -  Tips To Deal With It!

The ear is a very sensitive organ of the body which can be damaged very easily. Ear trauma can be caused in the outer ear or middle ear or the inner ear. Ear traumas are mostly seen occurring due to motorbike accidents, blasts happening in a war zone or sometimes at sporting events.

The outer ear, or the part of the ear that is visible, only that can sustain ear traumas or an actual loss of the part of the ear. Trauma to the outer ear can happen due to mainly motorbike injuries or injuries at sports events or occupational injuries. In the hands of a good doctor, problems caused to the outer ear can be cured just like any other cosmetic surgery.

The trauma caused to the middle ear may always not be mendable because it is the main part that helps in hearing. If harmful foreign elements enter the middle ear, they may end up damaging the external canal, tympanic membrane and the delicate bones that aid to produce the sound. Fixing problems of the middle ear though might not always be possible but a good doctor with skills and experience can restore the functioning of the middle ear.

The inner ear faces trauma when it is exposed to high decibels of noise. The inner ear sits well protected inside a bone structure but can be harmed by a penetrating gunshot injury and in such cases, it is difficult to cure the trauma caused to the inner ear.

Ear traumas can affect a person's hearing severely. It may be in milder cases cured with a cosmetic surgery but in case a trauma is caused by the noise of a bomb blast, it may permanently damage the ears.

What are the causes of ear trauma?

  • Ear trauma has many causes and a few common ones are mentioned below-
  • Ear trauma may be caused when the external part of the ear is completely removed due to injuries caused by accidents.
  • Ear trauma can also be caused by injuries to the outer part of the ear these include those sustained in blunt force trauma.
  • Excessive noise can cause ear trauma and finally impede the hearing ability of an individual
  • Putting sharp objects in the ear to clean it can cause damage to the middle ear which may rupture the tympanic membrane.

Tips to deal with ear trauma

  • In case the external part of the ear starts to bleed due to some kind of scratch or minor accident, the bleeding must be immediately stopped by pressing a sterile gauge against the wound.
  • The wound needs to be washed with clean water and then treated with mild antiseptics.
  • Antibiotic medicines can be used to cure cuts and scratches.
  • A visit to the doctor is a must in case the wound is too deep to deal with at home.
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