Ear Infection - How You Can Ease Your Pain?

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Ear Infection - How You Can Ease Your Pain?

Whether it is for kids or adults, an ear infection can be of great discomfort and intense pain. The pain can also be because of an excess amount of wax in the ear. If it is so, then after cleaning off the wax, the discomfort may go off. But there can also be times when the pain is due to an infection. In this case, it is an ideal thought to visit a doctor. But before visiting a doctor, if the pain arises in the middle of the night suddenly, there are some things that can be done to ease out the pain.

  1. Pain relievers: If the pain is intense, then, of course, the first, foremost thing that comes to mind is that of pain relievers. Pain relievers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines or acetaminophen can be taken both in the case of kids as well as adults. Aspirin should not be given to anyone who is lesser than 20 years of age as because aspirin many times may lead to a disease called Reye syndrome.
  2. Applying heat: If the pain is not so strong, then taking pain relievers can be avoided. Instead of taking in pain relievers, an easier way can be of applying heat to the ear. A soft cotton cloth can be taken and can be warmed to apply on the ears. It is very important to know that moisture should be kept away from the ear in this condition so to warm the cloth, you should use other ways in place of using warm water.
  3. Encouraging rest: Often the pain may get increased due to intense work or noise. So, rest can help in getting relief from the pain in some time. You should try to sleep at a place that is away from any noise. Often resting may help the body to handle the pain and hence the pain may get reduced down slowly. Using the heat therapy while taking rest, can also be a great way to get rid of the pain of ear infections.
  4. Using eardrops: When you visit the doctor, of course, the doctor will prescribe you with an eardrop. But also many experts suggest a vinegar solution as an eardrop for pain due to an ear infection. Though this is a natural remedy still is ideal to consult the doctor first so that there is no severe condition that may come up. It is because the infection may take place due to different reasons and hence it is important to cross check about various things before starting with medication.

Ear infections can happen due to any reasons from the hundreds of reasons. Consulting the doctor is, of course, the most important thing to do in this case, but at initial stages, the ways mentioned above can provide relief.

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