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Do Derma Rollers Work For Reducing Old Stretch Marks?

Dermatologist, Bangalore  •  29 years experience
Do Derma Rollers Work For Reducing Old Stretch Marks?

If you have been on a weight loss program and have recently lost significant weight, then you are most likely to have gotten stretch marks. It can be really embarrassing if they appear in the noticeable areas and you look for the fastest way possible to get rid of them.

But there is nothing to worry about, derma rollers are one such treatment procedures that can help fade away these marks.

People may often be confused whether or not will the derma rollers work for you. Read on to gain insight on the same and make an informed decision.

So, the first question that comes to the mind is that how do these derma rollers work?

When used on old stretch marks, derma rollers break up the skin cells that are already damaged and encourages the body to make new collagen. Collagen has a crucial role to play to ensure the skin's firmness and shape and is found in the middle layer or the dermis of the skin. In order to trigger the production of collagen, derma rollers penetrate deep into the dermis, without requiring to remove the epidermis layer of the skin. Repeated usage of derma rollers make the dermal layers thicken, making the old stretches to fade away gradually.

Who can benefit from using derma rollers?
Anyone and everyone who wishes to get rid of their stretch marks can use derma rollers. Involving no risks and side effects, derma rollers can be used along with a serum or cream, prescribed by dermatologists.

How long it takes to see the effects?

Using derma rollers is not a one-time process but a gradual one. One needs to be patient and persistent enough to use it until they see the effects which may usually be noticed within 4 to 5 treatments and continue to improve if performed every month.

One must remember that it is depending on the severity of the old stretch marks, selection of the right rollers and cream or serums and the number of frequency of using the derma rollers the results can vary from one to another.

What are the add-on benefits derma rollers offer?
Along with reducing the old stretch marks, the non-invasive treatment offered by the derma rollers also smoothens the rough skin texture and encourages the renewal of the skin cells. It can also help in slowing down the aging process, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. By influencing the collagen production, these rollers ensure that the skin stays tight and supple.

Unlike many other stretch marks removal treatments, derma rollers are affordable and completely safe. The procedure doesn’t need a recovery time and, this efficient and effective treatment is fast-gaining popularity. But, before opting for derma rollers, it is essential that to consult a dermatologist and proceed to obtain optimal results.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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