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Last Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Different Types Of Allergies

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Dr. Amruta BakshiHomeopathy Doctor • 15 Years Exp.BHMS, MD - Homeopathy


I am Dr. Amruta Bakshi. I have done my BHMS & MD Homeopathy in Pune. Now I am going to share whatever my experience has been till now. The role of homeopathy in allergic conditions is nowadays very important field. In homeopathy there are cases which are coming in our clinic that are more prone to the allergic conditions. There is the number of allergies like skin allergies, then these food allergies are there and the number of cases is already taken allopathic treatment but there is no valuable or final outcome, that is the total cure of the patient is not there. So nowadays the allergic rhinitis is the most commonly seen in the patients. It is an allergic reaction that is seen nowadays commonly.

Because of many reasons like atmospheric changes are there we have a lot of pollution in our cities like in big cities, there is a lot of pollution. So because of that number of allergens are more and these allergens are basically responsible for this. Conditions like patients may suffer from this running nose, cold cough in form of heavy fever and allergic asthma. Homeopathy has a good number of medicines and the good number of that is away in the treatment of homeopathy is very good. That we can give them. The case taking is very essential for homeopathic treatment. We take a whole case of the patient and then we finalise a single remedy for the patient and with the help of that remedy the patient’s general condition is improved.

Not only the allergic complaint is reduced but also the patient’s that we can say that the immunity power of the patient rise with the help of homeopathy. So homeopathy is a very good science to fight with the allergens. This allergic condition is always in seasonal change. After the change of the weather, patient is complaining of this number of complaint like running nose, like allergic rhinitis is there that is continuous sneezing is there early in the morning after getting from the bed. So we can treat with the help of homeopathy. Homeopathy has a number of good remedies so we can give the medicines and the patient's condition is improved. The patient is more & more immune to this condition. So as we know that homeopathy is a great solution for it.

Thank you.

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