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Did You Know You Must Ask These Questions From Your Doctor?

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Did You Know You Must Ask These Questions From Your Doctor?

There are many questions a woman may have in mind for her gynecologist but never asked them. Here are 15 such questions along with their solutions.

1. Does my vagina smell unpleasant?
You should shower it with water and gently wipe it with a wash cloth before any test. Applying perfume makes the smell even worse.

2. What to do in case the feet stink?
You should wear fresh and clean socks before going for the test and getting in the stirrup which is a metal device for convenience of gynaecological tests.

3. In case of a period, should I cancel my test appointment?
A gynaecologist is not afraid nor disgusted by blood as blood is a part of the specialist's profession. If you have heavy bleeding, you can call up the nurse for suggestions.

4. What if the doctor or nurse judges my body?
Your gynaecologist does not care about your body and is more concerned about your problems and how to solve them.

5. What if my legs are unshaved?
Your gynaecologist really does not care about your legs or underarms or any part of your body. Your problem is the only concern for the doctor.

6.What if my shaved hair looks ugly?
As stated before, the gynaecologist is only concerned about your problem and nothing else. Use a sharp razor to prevent bumps or ingrown hair.

7. What is the speculum?
It is a device used by your gynaecologist for opening your vagina in order to observe the cervix or look for infections on the vaginal wall.

8. Why do I urinate in my pants if I sneeze, laugh or cough?
This is a common phenomenon for women who have given birth and is easy to treat.

9. Is my vaginal discharge normal?
Having a small amount of white vaginal discharge is quite normal.

10. What does the gynaecologist check inside my vagina using hands?
The bimanual exam is done using the hands to detect problems in the uterus.

11. What if I do not like birth control means?
There are over 50 methods of birth control and many pills you can choose from.

12. Can I ask about my sexual problems?
Absolutely yes, as it is quite an important issue.

13. Can my partner or family accompany me to the test?
Yes, they can but during the time of the test, they should leave the room.

14. Can I discuss my relationship problems?
Your gynaecologist should know about any issue you are having.

15. If I am having forced sex, should I tell?
Such matters should be conveyed immediately.

You can ask your gynecologist any question, which bothers you, without fear. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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