Did You Know These Shocking Foods Kill Sex Drive In Men?

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Did You Know These Shocking Foods Kill Sex Drive In Men?
Foods that kill sex drive in men

Do you wonder why suddenly at times you go on a zero sex drive? it could happen even when your chemistry with your partner is fine, nothing is heaving on your mind, and you are otherwise healthy too. Only you just don't feel like having sex. This might have to do with what you are eating.
Here are some of the foods which can kill your sex drive.

1. Diet soda - while staying fit is an excellent idea, drinking diet sodas with artificial sweeteners can be absolute mood killers as they directly affect the levels of serotonin, a hormone which assists you in reaching the zone.
2. Caffeine - it certainly increases stamina for sex. However, for someone who is already nervous, this would mean increased anxiety which in turn would lower the sex drive. Overdose of coffee is known to increase one's stress hormone levels, too, affecting one's sex drive.
3. Chocolate - this is surprising since chocolate is known as an aphrodisiac. A study has shown that since it stimulates love and euphoria, it might also suppress, at times the testosterone levels in the body.
4. Mint - while mint is a good way to clear your breath after a meal, the menthol in it is also known to lower the testosterone. This lowers your sex drive.
5. Popcorn - when popcorn is made in the microwave and eaten, it could totally kill the mood for sex, especially in men. Research suggests that the bag's lining has chemicals which kill sex drive and in the long term can also cause prostrate problems.
6. Cheese - if made of cow's milk, cheese contains a lot of synthetic hormones which are known to mess with human body's natural hormone production that primarily includes testosterone and estrogen.
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