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Dermatological Problems

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Dr.M.Rehman 85% (90ratings)
BHMS, Post Graduate Diploma in CPH
Homeopathy Doctor, Mumbai  •  23years experience
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I am Dr. M.Rehman, Homeopath. Today I will talk about dermatology. Nowadays, it is very common. People suffer a lot with skin conditions what we have seen like vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, warts, a fungal infection. In allopathy, a dermatologist is giving all steroids. The patient has only 2 options, either to take steroids or homeopathy. There is no 3rd option at all. There are a lot of side-effects of steroids. But in homeopathy, rather suppressing the disease, we remove it completely. So, this is a totally different condition. We have seen that patients are suffering a lot. The patients think that what homeopathy can do in this condition.

But honestly, there are tremendous results in homeopathy. Great results you will get. It takes a bit time but that goes completely. Leukoderma takes a bit time as it gives white patches. But still, we cure the disease. Everything depends patient to patient. There is a treatment in homeopathy but no treatment at all in allopathy except steroids. Homeopathy has cause factors for medicines. In homeopathy, the main is course. It will give you a complete cure. We are dealing with thousands of patients every day. We have observed that big warts vanished completely in just 2-3 months without any surgery and there is no recurrence. But in allopathy patient will observe the recurrence. Homeopathy works 2 ways. First, they solve the problem and stop the recurrence. So, nowadays homeopathy is going very fast in the world. It has no side-effects. You should believe in homeopathy. You should follow the treatment. Complete your course and you will see that your problem has been resolved. Hope you must have liked this video.


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