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Cumulative Pregnancy Rate In Vitro Fertilization

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Dr.Shweta Goswami 91% (90ratings)
MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, Certified IVF Specialist
IVF Specialist, Noida  •  23years experience
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Hi Everyone!

I am Dr. Shweta Goswami, IVF consultant at Noida. I work in both infertility and IVF. Today I wish to speak more about the cumulative pregnancy rate in IVF which basically entails how does embryo freezing help us to increase IVF success rate. In IVF we give injections to the woman to take out the multiple eggs, fertilize with the husband's sperm, create embryos in the lab for a couple of days to decide which embryo is the best. And transfer 2-3 embryos to the mother womb. Hoping to get a pregnancy.

Now when anyone is considering to going to the IVF, the important thing in the mind is what is going to be the success rate. It is extremely important because the success rate varies from patient to patient. Now we need to understand that how to optimize the IVF cycle. If we are young and have good AMH, the objective of IVF at the end of the cycle should be able to create a good number of grade A & B embryos. Some of can be transferred in the fresh cycle.

And some can be frozen what we call supernumerary embryos. The embryos that do not need a transfer but can be frozen. Now, this is extremely important because when we focus what 's the success rate of IVF, we are actually focusing on one transfer of IVF. But if you are young and you have a number of embryo and the egg quality is good, we are able to provide you the number of embryos. Some of which are transferred and some are frozen. Each transfer cycle can give you a good success rate as high as 60-65%. So, whenever we go under an IVF cycle, we need to review, how many eggs have we called. What is the grade of the embryo? How many fertilized.

Do we have any blastocyst embryo on day 5. And more importantly, what is the pregnancy rate is defined per IVF cycle. We are combining those 2-3 transfers. So, it is important that when we go under IVF cycle, it may or may not work. 2-3 chances are best when IVF can click. It gives the opportunity to with another IVF cycle with better success rate. So, you need to take medication to prepare the lining of the womb. And each cycle will give you 60-65% of chance.

If somebody has a good number of emryos, good quality, you can actually look at the pregnancy rate is as high as 90% per IVF cycle. But please remember this is cumulative pregnancy rate. It is not pregnancy rate per transfer but per egg collection. You always have to ask every center that is it per embryo transfer. Is it per egg retriever. Somewhere there, we all get confused. But for me the patient who is young and who has good reserve, I would be able to freeze a couple of embryos also because they are your embryos. We can again use those eggs without going for another round of IVF cycle. If the embryo is of poor quality then you should ask your center. Why are we not able to get a good number of eggs to transfer. Your success rate can be as high as 80-90%. That is the thing we should be looking forward to at the end of the IVF cycle. Thank You. For more details, you can contact us through Lybrate.

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