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Constipation And Homeopathy

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Dr.Prriya Thakkar 91% (708ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Navi Mumbai  •  28years experience
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Hi friends!

Myself Dr. Priya Thakkar. We are going to talk about the most common problem that everyone faces, that is- Constipation. The frequency of stools varies from person to person. It could be one for somebody it could be 3 for some other. Even then it could be called normal. Constipation we would define only when the frequency of stool is less than 3 per week, the stools are dry, hard and difficult to pass. The most common cause for constipation is lack of fibre. With so many pasta and pizzas around, we are going to have constipation. Second is poor water intake. Third is the lack of activity or sedentary lifestyle. Fourth, certain drugs say painkillers, diuretics, certain antacids. These medicines also cause constipation. Fifth is pregnancy, which is one of the common cause in women. Due to hormonal changes as well as pressure which the enlarged uterus causes. That also causes constipation.

Then you have certain systemic condition like hyperthyroid, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, spinal injuries etc. These conditions also have one of the presenting symptoms as constipation. Next is certain bowel diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome or wherein you have cancer involving the bowel itself. These conditions also present with constipation. Last but not least is aging. Aging per se causes the muscle movement of the bowel to become slow, that again causes constipation. Now once we have looked into the causes of constipation, let's go into the solution. How can we handle it? What we need to do is- correct the causes.

That is you add fibre to diet, you have a lot of water in your diet. Then, you add a lot of activity in your daily routine. These things are must get the constipation corrected. With that, if you have some illness say if you have Hyperthyroid, get it treated. Anemia is also one of the common causes where you have constipation. If you have anaemia, get your anaemia corrected, the constipation will improve. So friends, unless and until you correct the cause, the presenting symptom is not going to get corrected. Now let's come to an important point that is why do I recommend homeopathy as compared to other alternative medicines that you have for constipation. The advantages with homeopathy are when you take homeopathy medicine say you have hyperthyroidism and you are taking homeopathy medicines, it will correct your hypothyroidism at the same time it will correct constipation.

And in certain cases wherein you have patient who have many other health issues definitely get off-medicines and at the same time off-disease. If you are having anaemia, you take supplements, you take homeopathy medicine, you get corrected with anemia as well as constipation. So homeopathy has that added advantage wherein the medicine doesn't continue. Once you are taking the medicine you are correcting the improper imbalance that is there in the system. You get off-medicine. I had this patient who is in his late 70s army man. He's been suffering from constipation for years together. In a month time, his constipation got corrected, his hearing got improved and he's off-medicines. So that is the benefit you have with homeopathy. So friends, if you have any issues, get back to me. You can contact me through Lybrate.

Thank You!

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