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Computer Vision Syndrome - Know About It!

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 I'm Nikhil Nasta, Eye Care and Surgery. Today's video I'm going to be speaking about computer vision syndrome. Nowadays all of us are so dependent on technology we have computers, we have smartphones, we have Mobiles, we have gadgets, we have the TV, in fact I would say our entire life revolves only around gadgets don't you think so? right from young kids to even all of us in middle age and old age are so dependent on our whatsapp and snapchat on Facebook and at work our boss wants us to do Excel sheets, data entry ye karo wo karo, it's a mad rush, older people want to talk to their children and grandchildren on Skype, voice call, face call. What's the effect of all this on the eyes? do you know the blue rays coming from all these gadgets, they are slowly making your eyes really really dry, this dry eye syndrome is almost an epidemic in all of India even globally so to say.

How do we tackle this and what are the things we look out for in our dry eye? When we talk about the computer-related dry eye we talk about, you may experience something like a frequent blinking, a normal person would blink 14 to 16 times a minute but a guy who has a dry eye would blink all the time, would feel very uneasy keeping the eyes open for over 10 to 15 seconds at a time, other than this, you may experience nagging headache which is just lingering and not going away, you may experience fatigue, tiredness of the eyes so at the end of the day you're like I'm getting this little eye pain every night just before going to bed, these are the things you watch out for.

Some of us when we wake up in the morning will see small beads of pus gathering around the eye and you keep digging it out and it's just there, it's irritating, you may feel every time you blink there are like hazaar pathar floating in your eye, that rough sandpaper sort of a feeling, all this indicates dry eye syndrome. How do you get yourself treated for this? there are two ways, point number one is you get a preventive sort of line of treatment wherein you don't let yourself get so wet and the second thing is you go for a proper treatment. So to prevent or dry eye is very easy, eat your greens eat your leafy vegetables, carrots, have any fruit that is orange in color, could be oranges, could be mangoes, could be apricots anything which has carotene, vitamin A works. omega-3, you can have a supplement, you can have broccoli, spinach, almonds very rich source of vitamins and omega-3, so supplement your diet very very properly, this junk food and fat diet doesn't work. We need an old-fashioned balanced diet. Besides this have a lot of fluid intake so drink 8 to 10 glasses minimum every day, get enough rest, your eyes need about six hours of uninterrupted sleep at night and about a fifteen-minute nap in the daytime, rest your eyes.

Now you can't really avoid being on the computer all day so what you do in that is, follow your 20-20-20 rule, every 20 minutes take a 20 second break, stare at something 20 feet away practically what I do in my clinic is if I've been on my email and my blog for a long time, my desk is at the window, I just pull up the blinds, stare at the parrot floating on the tree outside or look at some greenery or make a call to that friend of mine that I want to call, I call my mom, mom what's made for lunch and that works so essentially you're doing a screen to non-screen activity, don't be the kind of person who every time they look off the screen they're checking their whatsapp or they are checking what's the score of the match or how much did I make money on the share. No, gadget to gadget it's like a visual to visual, that's not resting your eyes so do unknown gadget activity. When you read, you should read in proper light and when you use your computer or your laptop keep it at a lower level then your height so you are looking down at it rather than up at it or at the same level just follow these simple rules and I can assure you none of you will have dry eyes. To get the treatment part of it you must visit your consulting ophthalmologist, they'll put you on lubricant drops, you get them off the shelf also but always a good idea to get it checked, get it approved by your doctor and then use the product. Stay healthy, stay safe, all the best. So if you want to watch more videos like that if you find these topics interesting please log on to and check it out there.

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