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I am Dr. Swati today I will talk about certain skin diseases. At some stages of our life, we all suffer from skin trouble. It can be acne, psoriasis, leukoderma, vitiligo, tinea, scabies, etc. Now let's talk about the causes. Anything can cause it. Let it be our sedentary lifestyle, diet habits, stress, hectic schedule, not exercising regularly, UV radiations and many more. We cannot rule and take care of all the causes but we can take care of the cause that is hindering between the treatment. That is causing the treatment not to follow a proper path. Let's talk about blemishes. It is a brown patchy pigmentation on the face, we can say it melasma also, it occurs mostly in females of 35-40 years of age and in males too.

It happens because of hormonal imbalance and it is hereditary also. It doesn't have proper treatment in allopathy but it has a treatment in homeopathy. With homeopathy, you can permanently get rid of this problem. Next is acne. It is very common and you can see one or the other person suffering from acne. More we can see in the adolescent age group. The cause can be oily food, hormones, or anything causing stress, lifestyle. If we are not taking care of this, it can transform in more severe cases. It can be transformed into 2nd or 3rd degree, scarring, cyst and can be infective. When the infection increases, what happens? Scarring develops, complexion gets worse.

We think that it will go easily but it won't. Your beauty deteriorates. Everyone wants to look good, everybody wants flawless complexion. You can achieve all this by relying on homeopathic medications, by following a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthy, by exercising regularly, by eating most of the liquid diet. By taking care of yourself, you can get rid most of the skin problems. So, all I want to say is take care of things because a healthy body, inner soul lies in the body. If you are healthy, if you are happy, your skin would glow. So, take care of yourself. For more queries, contact me through Lybrate.

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