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Common Neurological Disorders

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DM - Neurology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS
Neurologist, Ghaziabad  •  20years experience
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I am Dr. Kapil Singhal, Neurologist. Today I will talk about neurological disorder. Neurologist usually sees the disorders of the brain and spine. So, what are the common disorders? Headache, epilepsy or seizures, stroke or paralysis, numbness or weakness in different parts of the body, difficulty in walking, backache, neck pain. Today we will briefly talk about stroke which is of the high significance of unrecognize and not treated on the proper time. It is an emergency where there can be a weakness in one part of the body. There can be change or unclarity of the speech. There can be difficulty in walking, holding objects, lifting legs which usually occurs within seconds.

This does not come with any alarm or warning thing. So, if a person has any of these things then a person is having possibly a stroke. It is an emergency like a heart attack. Immediate action has to be taken. Treatment is available in all parts of the world. In treatment, we give an injection in case of clotting in the brain. This injection works wonderfully. Results are very good and can change the life of the person. Being disabled for life can be changed to normal activities of the patient. But the thing is that we ignore the symptoms and do not reach to the right hospital. A right hospital is where CT scan and MRI always available. A neurologist is available and adequate care can be taken. So, important is to recognize the symptoms. If you have a deviation of the face, the voice becomes unclear, weakness of the part of the body, the patient is possible having a stroke. Rush to a place where adequate treatment can be taken and treatment can be started at the right time. Identify and stop stroke.

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