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Last Updated: Jul 07, 2020

Colors Shows Your Personality!

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Dr. Shivi SaxenaPsychologist • 19 Years Exp.M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, PG Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Master Degree In Psychology, Bechelor Degree in Psychology and History
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Anybody said that life is colorless without colors. That is the color that you have a smile. You are happy. Happiness is filled in your life. Some colors make you happy, make some sad. Some colors give you comfort and peace, some encourage you to move forward.Have you ever thought that why you choose the color that is closest to you? because it reflects your personality.
There are some such colors today that will tell your personality. Introduce your personality to you.

  • Black: if your color is black, they are often artistic and sensitive, they are careful about the details of their lives and do not share easily with others, but sometimes they feel very sad and lonely.
  • Red: if you choose the red color, those who love the red living life completely and remain firm in their efforts. But they are of nimble nature and easily get annoyed. They are passionate.
  • Yellow: if you color is yellow, you are going to enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others. The search for happiness is easy for you and the comparison of others prove to be better. You are the people who are happy.
  • White: people who like white are often organized and are logical and there is not much disorder in their lives. They have a speciality that they are peaceful nature. The way to talk to them calmly comes in peace. Those people do not fight with anyone.
  • Blue: if the blue color is your favourite color which you love in good faith, are reliable, sensitive. You want to keep things clean. These people are deeply thinking. Even small points think deeply and do not give up their decision until you think rightly.
  • Green: people who love green color are often affectionate, loyal and frank. Their reputation is very important. They are also happy as these peoples who liked the yellow color. And they have a lot of love for nature.
  • Purple: you are artistic and unique. You can sometimes be arrogant. When people who love this color, they feel very deep and sometimes feel united. These people do not like to share them with anyone. Often you give your wrong impression in front of people.
  • Brown: you prove to be a good friend, they are also trustworthy. Friendship plays with full passion. Flashing objects are not your desires. You just want a stable life.

Color changes your attitude, your emotions and your nature so that you can live your life happily.

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