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Clothes That Can Help Your Skin Breathe!

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Clothes That Can Help Your Skin Breathe!

Some women may wear cotton and some, satin. What is obvious here is which one of the two women are more comfortable. Even if the woman who is dressed in satin has a much shorter dress than the woman wearing cotton, the skin of the woman wearing cotton will still breathe a lot better. Therefore, it can be said that it is not the length of the clothing you wear as compared to the material you are wearing which dictates how well you breathe. This is because certain fabrics allow sweat to evaporate while others block skin pores. Here are the fabrics which allow sweat to evaporate and do not block skin pores.

There are a number of natural varieties of cotton. Cotton blends are one of those which might not be very helpful but 100% cotton fabric is. Seersucker and madras cotton are also easy to breathe in. Dry summers and humid conditions make cotton clothes ideal.

2.  Linen
Linen is another natural fiber which absorbs moisture well. Since linen is light weight, it is also a fabric which helps your skin breathe.

3.  Light variants of silk
The light variants of silk allow your skin to breathe since it dries quickly and is highly absorbent. Silk is also a fabric which is least likely to cause an allergic reaction

4.  Chambray
Chambray is an alternative to denims and is a breathable one as well. 

There are also fabrics which you should avoid in summer when your skin needs to breathe. They are.

1.  Satin
Satin, as mentioned earlier, is thick and heavy and does not allow someone to breathe well.

2.  Nylon
Nylon does not absorb sweat well and is also water repellant. This means that it will trap sweat within your clothes and will make you feel uncomfortable.

3.  Polyester
Polyester is very similar to nylon in that it makes sweat stick in between your body and your garment. 

4.  Rayon or viscose
Rayon or viscose is often passed off as cotton. However, it's not as good as cotton, even though it is not as bad as polyester or nylon.

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