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Causes Of Knee Joint Pain

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Dr.Hrushikesh R.Saraf 87% (10ratings)
MBBS, DNB - Orthopedics, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedic Doctor, Pune  •  23years experience
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Hi! I am Dr Hrushikesh R.Saraf, Orthopedist. Today I will talk about the causes of knee pain. What are the various treatment modalities are available like uni-condylar knee replacement and total knee replacement surgery and what is robotic joint replacement surgery? What is arthritis of joint? There is a cartilage layer between the knee joint. Because of this, we have pain free joint movements. As we get aged, our part of the cartilage gets damaged. In this case, we replace only the medial part of the joint. We call it uni-condylar knee replacement or partial knee replacement.

When cartilage is completely damaged, we required total knee replacement surgery. This artificial joint gives us pain-free movement. What is robotic knee replacement surgery? This is new surgery which is used both kinds of knee replacement surgeries. In this, we can plan pre-operatively surgery. In this whatever we have planned, we can do the same with the help of the robot. In this the life of joint increases. The patient can have comfort for natural knee joint replacement. Thank You.

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