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Last Updated: Apr 06, 2024

Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies For Foot Corns

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Dr. Milind R. BhattHomeopathy Doctor • 33 Years Exp.Homoeopathy, BHMS
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When a particularly soft part of the foot suffers from too much pressure or friction, it can lead to the eruption of corns. This happens because the superficial tissues rise to the surface in order to prevent an internal injury and in time, they bear a hard coating which is basically a protective layer. When this protective layer develops a pointed structure right in the middle it is known as a corn. Let us find out more about homeopathic treatments for foot corn.

Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Foot Corns Problem

A corn is basically a natural reaction of the skin to excessive friction as well as pressure. This is known as Hyperkeratosis. While these mainly appear on the hands and feet, they may get localized within the areas that appear to be under a lot of pressure. So why does this friction or pressure happen? The causes could range from tight-fitting shoes to high heels as well as cramped footwear like combat boots, which are worn on a prolonged basis. But you can use these homeopathic remedies for foot corns problem.

  1. Antim Crudum: This homeopathy medicine can help when the feet are covered with too many corns which make walking difficult. Also, it is the best medicine to treat corns that are too pointed and hard to touch. Further, it also helps those patients who are overweight which may cause pressure due to which these corns may erupt. 
  2. Sulphur: When there is a burning pain that the patient experiences in the soles and the corns, then this condition can be treated with the help of sulphur which also ensures that the hard coating of corn quickly yields from the very first dose or application. This also helps those patients who find their feet sweating excessively due to the development of these corns.
  3. Ferrum Picric: This medicine can help patients when the corn becomes discoloured and affects the hue of the surrounding area as well. 
  4. Lycopodium: When walking around with the corn causes a dull pain and persistent ache, then the patient can use this medicine. This medicine also helps in treating symptoms like pain in the heels when the patient steps on something hard.
  5. Silicea: When the corn is still soft, the best homeopathic medicine for this condition is Silicea which also helps in treating symptoms like icy cold feet and pus formation in the corns. 

People suffering from a condition known as hammertoes can also get foot corn. Finally, when you run, dance, or jump bare feet on the sand or other hard surface for too long, you may develop corns, but these homeopathic treatments for corn foot can cure this problem.


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