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Cataract Surgery

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Cornea Cataract & Lasik
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Here are types, procedures, and benefits of cataract surgery

Hi! I am Dr. S. Bharti, founder and chairman of Bhartiya Foundation and Hospital, which is having two centers, one in East Patel Nagar and the other one is in Greater Kailash and both our centers are NABH accredited. So we are maintaining a very high standard of eye care services in all the super specialty branches of ophthalmology. I am more of an entire segment surgeon and doing more of Cataract surgery including the Laser Cataract Surgery and the Lasik, more of the bladeless. The advantage of Bladeless Cataract Surgery over a normal Phacoemulsification or Phaco Cataract Surgery is that it gives you very precise results along with very quick healing and very early recovery.

The accuracy of the results is much superior as compared to the Phaco Cataract surgery as also the other associated complication and especially it is better in all those cases where Phaco Cataract surgery can create complications like very hard cataracts and very highly mature cataracts or all those kinds of complicated cataracts like subluxated cabinets where Phaco sometimes is not possible.

Similarly, Lasik is a technology to remove glasses for young people and I have been doing Lasik for last 30 years. Over a period of time Lasik has evolved a lot and the new technology, the Bleed Blade free Lasik is the way to go now because it gives similarly it gives a very accurate results and also good quality or superior quality vision as compared to original early Lasik and now with the advent of the ablation profiles Lasik has become sometimes it gives you a superior quality vision as compared to contact lenses or glasses.

Thank you very much and you can get in touch with me on

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