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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Can You Cut Down FLU Risk With Mere Exercising?

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Dr. Sumit GoyatGeneral Physician • 10 Years Exp.MBBS
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Cut down flu risk through regular exercise

Cold and flu are common problems which spans across all seasons and affects all age groups, kids and elders alike. However a flu or a viral infection leaves you very weak and vulnerable. A good routine of exercise is the easiest way to keep such infections at bay.

Regular exercise plays an important role in building your immunity against a flu infection. If you exercise for a minimum of 2.5 hours every week, your chances of contracting a flu infection are drastically reduced by almost 10 percent. However it is important that you exercise moderately and on a regular basis to protect your body against the flu.

An effective exercise schedule would involve 150 minutes of moderate exercise such as brisk walking, gardening etc every week. This can also be substituted by 75 minutes/week of vigorous exercise which includes running, playing a sport, aerobics etc. And 2 days for muscle strengthening exercises. Incorporate any one of these regimes in your daily schedule and follow them without fail, as they are the most fool-proof method to prepare your body for the fight against the flu virus.

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