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Can Hirsutism Be Treated With Homeopathy?

Dr. Shrey Bharal 90% (1702 ratings)
Homeopath, Delhi  •  5 years experience
Can Hirsutism Be Treated With Homeopathy?

Hirsutism is a growth of dark and coarse hair in the regions of a woman’s body where there should be typically very fine or no hair at all, including lip, chin, chest, back and abdomen. This growth is caused by an excessive male hormone called androgen, which all women have naturally. It can be caused due to idiopathic hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome and both of these can be diagnosed by physical evaluation, clinical and familial history and also blood tests that help in excluding some of the rare causes of hirsutism.

Effectiveness of homeopathic treatment
In the modern era of allopathy or conventional treatments, hormonal treatments are not successful in establishing a permanent cure of excessive hair growth among women, as the approach is limited to the level of the disease alone, and it doesn’t try to help the situation by eradicating the root cause. However, homeopathy offers a much comprehensive treatment in treating hirsutism without provoking any imbalance in the existing hormonal cycles.

Choosing homeopathy over other treatments
In stark contrast to painful treatment methods like electrolysis, laser therapy and chemical hair removal, the magical doses of homeopathic medications can help you in combating hirsutism to a great extent. It focuses on the conditions of the individual as well as the pathological condition. The medications are selected by an expert after a complete evaluation and case analysis that include the physical and mental constitution of the patient. The predisposition tendency of the patient is often taken into consideration for treating the chronic conditions.

How homeopathy helps in treating abnormal hair growth
The medicines recommended by the experts first try to reduce the harmful effects of the allopathic pills and treatments, and then the remedies act on the different glands for making them work and secrete hormones in an optimal manner. The hormone levels slowly come to normal and the treatment succeeds in creating a dynamic action in regulating and revitalising. With the regulation of the hormone levels, the growth of the unwanted hair lessens and finally reduces after regular treatment. It also helps in reducing the weight of the patient, which in turn lowers the androgen levels that are deemed responsible for the excessive growth of hair. Additionally, homeopathic treatment helps in correcting the genetic predisposition of the disease which prevents it from coming back. Consult a Homeopathic & get answers to your questions!


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