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Busting Myths About Kidney Dialysis

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Busting Myths About Kidney Dialysis

Renal failure can happen to anyone at any age. Dialysis is an effective, life-saving treatment when your kidneys fail to filter excess fluids, toxins and waste products from the blood naturally. Most patients with a kidney failure opt for kidney dialysis. However, several myths surround the treatment procedure.

Let's address the most common myths about kidney dialysis so the patients looking forward to the procedure are well aware of the facts.

1) Myth – It is a painful procedure

Fact – Dialysis itself is a painless procedure. Some people may experience discomfort if kept on haemodialysis, where the needles are put into the graft or fistula. The procedure follows minor side effects like vomiting, nausea, cramps and headaches, which can be managed well with a healthy diet and reduced fluid intake.

2) Myth – Dialysis means a death sentence

Fact – It is actually the other way round. Dialysis can be a saviour when your kidneys are no longer healthy enough to function properly. The average life expectancy on dialysis is 5-10 years. Depending on the condition and the treatment plan, people on dialysis may even live for 20-30 years.

3) Myth – Dialysis can only be done at the centre

Fact – Dialysis does not require you to travel to the centre twice or thrice a week. The procedure can be performed in several ways. You may opt for haemodialysis, which is done in a hospital or at your home. Alternatively, you can go for peritoneal dialysis, which is possible from the convenience of your home. Based on your condition and considering your wish, the doctor will decide which form of dialysis suits you best.

4) Myth – Dialysis patients can never get back to usual activities

Fact – Patients can very well get back to their day-to-day activities following dialysis treatment. You may only need to rest for a few days until you get used to the procedure.

5) Myth – Dialysis solves it all

Fact – Kidney dialysis removes extra fluid and toxins from your blood, keeping you alive. However, the procedure alone cannot keep you healthy and help you live an improved life. A dialysis-friendly diet, medications, fluid control – all these are essential in taking control of your life and improving the quality of living.

Busting the myths surrounding kidney dialysis will help you understand the procedure better. Once you know all about it, it will be able easier for you to discuss the procedure with your doctor and make an informed decision.

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