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Breasts - How They Enhance Pleasure During Love Making?

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Breasts - How They Enhance Pleasure During Love Making?

Though there are a number of pleasure points, where women preferred to get touched, however, one point in particularly can really entice your woman in bed and that is her breasts. You must focus on your woman's breasts during the act as the nipples consist of many nerve endings, the stimulation of which results in more arousal. These sexual organs are often groped the wrong way, which is why breast sex does not provide pleasure to the woman; however, when done properly, breast sex can actually prove to be very satisfying to both the partners.

Here are a few pleasurable ways in which you should handle the breasts to maximise arousal:

  1. The light touch: Stroke and run your fingertips gently over the cleavage and the area around the nipples. This kind of skimming on your skin results in your fingers brushing the tiny hair on your breasts which acts as a delightful tease and results in arousal.
  2. Divert from the nipple: Even though it is a known fact that nipples are packed with nerve endings which is why they receive the maximum attention during sex, you should aspire to divert some of it to the other areas as well. The areas right above the nipples, often referred to as the 10 o’clock and the 2 o’clock, are the most sensitive parts of the breasts and stroking these areas provide stimulation to the woman
  3. Fondle them while kissing: While kissing, you can fondle the breasts from behind or stroke them from the front as well. Playing with her breasts while kissing acts as a wonderful form of foreplay as it turns the woman on. However, you must be careful not to grope or press them too tightly as this might hurt her.
  4. Use different forms of sensation: A study conducted on women confirmed that using different materials to provide sensations to the breasts is more arousing than simply sucking the nipples. You can experiment with ice cubes and fur mitts for maximum stimulation.

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