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I am Dr. Aditya S Bhati, Neurosurgeon. Today I will be talking about brain tumors. It can be presented at any age from childhood to the elderly age. The main symptoms are constant severe headache, vomiting and other symptoms like seizures, weakness of the limb, sudden speech disorder, memory disturbances, urinary and bowel disturbances. Whenever one has these symptoms, one must consult a neurosurgeon.

Accordingly, CT scan will be advised just to see the reason for the headache. Then it will be followed by an MRI scan and to rule out the brain pathology. Brain tumors will be managed according to the size and location of the tumors. If it is a small tumor, benign tumor then it will be managed with radiations. Brain tumors require surgical intervention. In today's scenario, there are different ways that one can approach the tumor. Starting from diagnostic tool, operative tools, and postoperative radiation techniques.

There are many technical advances where you specifically localize the lesions and microscopically, endoscopically, you can approach with minimal cuts on the surface and efficiently brain tumors can be managed. Following the surgery, the grade of the tumor is important. Biopsy of the tumor would be very important. It will create the prognosis of the patient. Depending upon the grade of the tumor, the prognosis will also is be depending. These days with techniques, brain tumors can be managed. Patient will have good lifestyle post-operation. And can go to work as soon as possible.

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