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Body Pain Related To Posture

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Dr. Sonu Singh 88% (299 ratings)
MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Post-Graduate Diploma In Rheumatology, Post-Graduate Diploma In Sports Injury Rehabilitation, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Certified Posture Specialist
Pain Management Specialist, Delhi  •  19 years experience
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We are working on postural association of lifestyle disease, postural association of pain and postural association of most of the evolving muscular-skeletal issue. If we notice what has changed during the last few years, there has been masive change in our lifestyle, our living standards, our surroundings that ultimately we are going towards modernization. By modernisation we are changing our surroundings. Previously we used to walk on soft floor. Now we are walking on much harder floor. Our running surface has been changed, our sitting posture, our living standard, our lifestyle all the things are changing. At Rehab For You, we are advising you how to live with your surroundings, how do you change your surrounding so that you live comfortably, how we can rectify your posture on how we can rectify your defective areas, how we can give you rapid cure from pain. Also at Rehab For You we are working on rapid cure from pain.

Pain is a biggest enemy of human body. Simply if you have pain you ask for a painkiller but how is it helping you? It is infact killing you. You are subsiding your pain by suppressing your pain center. After some time there is a again recurrence of pain, you are again taking painkiller. This cycle has been repeated so many times but here at our centre we are working on target organs. We are working on how to give rapid cure. Like in osteoarthritis people use to take painkiller for decades also but what happened? They are ultimately damaging their sensitive areas. They are taking painkiller, they are putting more pressure on their damaged areas and by doing so they are fully damaging their joints.

At Rehab For You, we are mostly working on injection therapy like, injection Botox, PRP, steroid injection. How much and how rapid can they give you relief from pain. Third area of our concern is Cerebral Palsy. In India 95% of cerebral palsy are not getting proper treatment because most of the parents are not knowledgeable enough. Most of the time they are engaged in therapies and sessions for so many years. Ultimately the golden phase in which you can expect maximum recovery is lost. Fourth, we are working on handicap rehabilitation. By handicap few people are having muscular-skeletal issue, few people are having amputation. By providing them appropriate advice and splint support and prosthetics. We are helping them in rapid ambulation. As soon as the patient will ambulate, they will get more confidence and more active lifestyle. Fifth, we are not working much on medication, we are working more on how to change lifestyle, how to correct posture, how to correct pain. That is our ultimate moto.

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