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Binge Drinking - Signs That Indicate It!

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Binge Drinking - Signs That Indicate It!

Binge drinking or alcoholism or alcohol addiction is one of the most common social issues in our country. It is not easy to define what qualifies for binge drinking across the population. Different people can qualify for binge drinking at different amounts of drinking.

  • Consuming alcohol such that the blood alcohol level reaches more than 0.08 is known as binge drinking. This could be the result of about four drinks for men and about five drinks for women.
  • Consuming more than five drinks on any given day is considered as binge drinking by another group.

People who are into binge drinking have the following common symptoms:

  • Inability to control the urge to drink
  • Strong craving for alcoholic drinks
  • End up drinking more than they originally intended
  • Efforts to cut down or stop drinking having usually failed
  • Going an extra mile to obtain and use alcohol, both in terms of money and time
  • Having problems fulfilling their social responsibilities including at home, work, or society
  • Not deterred by health issues (often caused by alcohol) to quit or control drinking
  • Not affected by strained relationships, which also is a result of the habit
  • Going to any extremes to obtain a drink (including stealing at home sometimes)
  • Getting violent or abusive with others (both known and unknown people)
  • Giving up important responsibilities as a result of excessive drinking
  • Gradually developing increased tolerance and needing more amounts to have the same ‘high’ feeling from alcohol

What qualifies for binge drinking?

  • Drinking more than intended
  • Drinking more than 5 drinks per day
  • Blacking out or having gaps between drinks
  • Violent or abusive relationships or behaviour under the influence of alcohol

How to control this?
What starts off as a social habit becomes dangerous enough to engulf the life of a person.

  • Admitting the problem is the first step towards resolution.
  • There definitely would be a reluctance, but getting help helps.
  • Change the company and stay away from those who encourage you and allow you to have a greater amount of alcohol.
  • Think of the positive things like improved work environment and improved relationships at home when you do not have this habit.
  • In the beginning, space out your drinks, drink with food, and drink enough water. These will help you reduce the amount of alcohol that gets into your system.
  • Talk to your friends and family to get emotional support.
  • Attend a detox program with others who are also planning to quit alcohol
  • Get into exercise, sports and photography, which are both creative and productive ways to improve ways of recreation and your quality of life.

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