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Benefits Of Nuts

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BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, PG Diploma In Dietitics & Hospital Food Service
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  16years experience
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I am Dt. Charmi Gala, Dietitian/Nutritionist. Today I will tell you about the benefits if nuts. We all eat nuts but we don't know when to eat and how to eat. Today I will share some facts of the nuts with you. The best way to have the almonds is after soaking them. Once you remove the layer of the almonds, the nutrients absorption is better. And you need to chew them well. So, start your day with 5 soaked almonds everyday.

Next is cashews and the dilemma is whether to consume or not. The best time to have cashews and pistachios are in the evening. 3 from each one of them is the good snacking. Next is walnut which is very famous for omega-3 content. The best time is to have them 1 hour before your dinner. Nuts are meant to be taken before having your meal not after that. So, get them in empty stomach. Do not take them with salt and chocolates as this is not the right way to consume them. Nuts can help fight acne. Avoid having them in the night time. These nuts are having good fat and these will keep you healthy and fine. Chew them well and have the maximum benefits of them.

Thank You.

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