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Benefits and Process Of Cryo Lipolysis Process

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I’m Dr Pradeep Agarwal, consultant physician, doctor cosmetologist, diabetologist and sexologist. Today, I am going to display cryo lipolysis process.

What is cryo lipolysis process?

It is a process of fat freezing, we also call this cool sculpting or freezing the fat.

We have seen in India there are number of obese patients and they have to go liposuction and many dietaries. So today, I am going to demonstrate how cryo lipolysis work. Just we have a handle for cryolopolysis we use to suck out the fat, we freeze the fat and it is removed from the body to body natural mechanism. When we do cryolopolysis we suck out the fat, it freeze to about 1degree C to -40 degree C and after finishing it will be removed. Your adipose tissue will get each and through the mechanism of apoptosis it get removed from the body. Inflammatory cell engulf or digest the apotised adipose cells and it will be removed from the lymphatic system and eliminated out of the body. It is a natural process and long lastin. Just think how we are doing. The fact is sucked into the handle of cryo lipolysis tube and get reached here. After finishing it for the each time we just remove the cryo lipolysis handle. So we remove the cryo lipolysis handle. Your fat is sucked here and we will just flat it and we will leave the patient for three months and by the time of 3 months the fat get out of the body through lymphatic drainage and you feel an emptiness here so it is a natural mechanism of fat removal and it is very safe.

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