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Ayurveda - How Can It Enhance Your Health?

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Ayurveda -  How Can It Enhance Your Health?

Over the course of a person’s life, there are a range of health issues, which are likely to affect him/her, without a shadow of doubt. Taking this into account, would it not be good to know of a comprehensive way to go about their treatment? Ancient Ayurvedic knowledge can go a long way in treating a lot of issues, which are faced by a human body.

For example, Panchakarma, is derived from the Ayurvedic word for five and refers to five ways the body is treated so as to purify it from the toxins, which may be embedded in it. The best part about this form of treatment is that a person does not need to be sick in order to receive the treatment and be able to attest to its effectiveness. It can be done on both healthy and unhealthy people.

The art behind Panchakarma is more than 7,000 years old. So it can be said that something that has lasted for such a long period of time is likely to be far more effective and have no side effects than a wonder pill, which claims to cleanse the body in a jiffy!

When Ayurveda is depicted, more often than not, it is done so with pictures of people seeming really relaxed while receiving massages with oil. Considering that Snehana is so very popular, it may not come as a surprise that Ayurveda is depicted in this manner. But what is Snehana? It is the oleation of the body, both internally as well as externally.

Oiling the body internally may seem a little impossible to do, but since Ayurveda is so amazing, it is able to treat the body internally by making use of clarified butter, also known as ghee, which has been medicated to make sure that it has the biggest and best possible effect. As for the external treatment of the body, it is done by oil massages in the Abhayanga form. Multiple oils are made use of and they work together to get the body to move the toxins in the direction of the gastrointestinal tract so that they can be expelled. But what impact does this have on the body? To start with, stress levels drop significantly, and the tissues just beneath the skin and deeper are revitalised and become supple again.

With these treatments and their dramatic effects, Ayurveda is truly appreciable!

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