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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Avoid Cold & Flu in Toddlers in 5 easy ways

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Dr. Surabhi M.R.General Physician • 52 Years Exp.M.B;B.S, P.G.(FAMILY MEDICINE), D.O.H.
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Season is changing and kids are very susceptible to cold and flu these days. Here are 5 ways you can keep your kids safe -

1. Blow their Noses: Frequently and Right: Blow their noses often and don't let them gulp the mucus. Don't ask them to exert too much pressure as it might hurt their ears.
2. Gargle Daily: Make your kids gargle with lukewarm water everyday. It moistens the sore throat and gives relief.
3. Give them a Steamy Bath: Make sure they always take bath with warm water. It relieves nasal congestion and makes them feel good
4. Hygiene is a must: Inculcate good personal hygiene.
5. Hand Wash: Ensure frequent Hand Wash with antiseptic lotion and lukewarm water.

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