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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

How To Nurture Passion In Autistic Child?

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Dr. Rajalakshmi KandaswamyGeneral Physician • 28 Years Exp.MBBS
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If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism, you must be feeling baffled and disheartened. It is surely upsetting to learn that your beloved child has a serious developmental disorder. Learning about the disorder, and where to seek help may ease your confusion. Autism is a major developmental disorder, which develops in early childhood. Autism primarily impairs a child’s ability to interact and communicate.
Struggles of an autistic child-

  1. Social withdrawal
  2. Repetitive, rigid behavior
  3. Difficulty communicating verbally/non-verbally
  4. Learning disability

Being autistic or artistic-
Despite such problems, most parents of autistic children hold high hopes of wanting to unleash the one talent their child must be gifted with. Most often, the gifted talent is ‘art’. Studies show that in about 90% cases, autistic children possess artistic, creative skills. The finding may be surprising to others, as they can barely imagine how a child with the above traits could possibly be creative.

To quote a parent whose child suffers from autism since age 5- “My son Sam, who is now 15 years old, forced me into rethinking creativity years ago. He was hardly six years old, when I realized he could envision things that I would never imagine. During playtime, I once drew one or two curves on a paper and handed it back to him. I had really expected Sam to scribble a few lines or maybe a disoriented picture. But what my son came up with left me spellbound. Sam had drawn a picture of a bowlful of cereal with a spoon, and a hand pouring milk from a carton. For most people this would probably not mean anything. But being a mother to an autistic child, I was completely in awe of my son’s artistic skills.”

How to nurture your child’s ‘hidden talent’?
The question remains - Can such creative skills be discovered in your child too? The answer to the question is ‘Yes!’ Here is how you too can help your child cope with autism-

  1. Don’t limit your child: Allow your child to express his thoughts through creativity, art, music. His/her imagination should know no bounds. Sit by their side and watch them learn using different colors, shapes, and forms.
  2. Let your child thrive: Holding back your child will not help him/her come out of their shell. Your child may have difficulty learning things in school, or going through books. But he/she may have a knack for paintings, or solving puzzles. Encourage their artistic skills, and watch them grow.
  3. Intent healing for your child: A couple of sessions of Intent Healing for both the parent and the child can help manage autism. Ideally, 6 sessions of this therapy for the child and 2 sessions for the mother is recommended.

More than conventional treatment, autistic children need the support and affection of their parents. By adopting the above measures, you can assure your child’s speedy recovery.


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