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Anxiety - Things To Know About

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Psychologist, Mumbai
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I am Dr. Jaini Savla, Psychologist, Mindsight Clinic, Mumbai. Today I will talk about Anxiety. Often, people, I hear they say that I am having anxiety, ghabhrahat hoti hai, darr lagta hai. But what exactly is it? Fear and anxiety are 2 different things. Fear f being afraid of anything which is completely okay. But anxiety is a little step ahead. The exaggeration of the fear we call anxiety. Fear of dying which is very normal. But so anxious about it as I will die even if I will step out, it is called anxiety. It occurs due to a lot of reason. It is majorly found that anticipation of the future causes a lot of anxiety. So, I will always recommend staying in the present and to know the power of now.

If you will live in a present, you will never have any regrets, you will always be happy and more acceptable about now. So, why don't you live in your present and see how does it work? There are a couple of ways to deal with anxiety. It is very important to know what is your fear and what are you driven by? Once you know your fear, automatically get into thinking to know what is rational and what is not. Again rational is logical and irrational is illogical. Usually, the problems come with illogical thoughts. Always know your irrational thoughts and rationalize irrational thoughts.

Once you rationalize the thought, it no longer stays a problem but any problem is driven by only and only irrational thoughts. It is very important to know and criticize your own thoughts and know if you are thinking right. And I think if you follow being in your present and thing right, you will be over your anxiety. If you need any help regarding any psychological issues, contact me through Lybrate.

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