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Allergen Immunotherapy

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Good morning everybody!

I’m Dr. P.C.Kathuria, senior consultant at National Allergy Center and BLK Super Speciality Hospital. Today we will discuss on Allergic Immunotherapy which we do in our practice. Why there is consistent and persistent increase of allergic disease? Is it because of the Global warming or is it because of the certain allergens which we inhale through our breathing system or we eat certain foods like drugs and foods? Are there certain contaminant chemicals which we apply on our body? Are there certain injectant which we take maximum to the injections or insecticides?

So these inherent injestant contectents and injectant are responsible for our changes in our immune system. So this revolution of immune system there is also dysfunctional immune system so both the immune system. They acquired the immune system and the inside immune system is disturbed. So these are due to the certain allergens which we inhale among the allertant the most common is house dust mites. If you look at the magnitude of the problem in our country there are 1 about 125 million cases of allergic rhinitis and 60 million cases of bronchial asthma.

And we are surprised to know that among 50% of these patients they are only sensitive to house dust mites. House dust mites is a tiny creature which grows in carpet in beddings in stuffed carpets or in other furniture upper side furniture and it is size 10 micron and the major protein which comes in the air through the fecal part and once. It enters into the system, it damages the respiratory system, epithelial linings which is mainly responsible for our bronchial asthmatic attack. And pollens are also 200 to 250 microns, fungi are even less than the 4 micron and there is also an unharm allergens that is a cockroach, pet animals they are also responsible.

So these five groups of allergens they enters into the system and dislocate or acquired in our system. So we do a little skin test in these cases and after the skin test we detect the causative allergens which is responsible for the ongoing inflammation. And this allergens then we prepare certain standardized allergen vaccines and allergen vaccines so called allergen immunotherapy is a very efficient and safety profile by which we can maintain the acquired immune system. It is not only provides the ongoing inflammation like some of the patients of allergic rhinitis they develop bronchialasma, so it prevents the progression of the disease and it also prevents the new sensitizations.

If you sensitize to mono allergens you will be prevented to the further on going poly sensitize and also it has guarded persistent effect means it is got long lasting effect means even after discontinuation of allergen immunotherapy its effects lasts by year to year. So initially we use to give conventional immunotherapy which takes 5-7 months to have a maximum tolerant dose. Now in our practice we are giving cluster immunotherapy and cluster immunotherapy is a very safe and a very effective and we can suppress we can arrest the symptoms and medications within month or 2 months.

So by this cluster immunotherapy we can achieved the maximum tolerance for 1 to 2 months. So most of the patients they are interesting in immunotherapy. Recently we are combining aminozobe along with cluster immunotherapy to achieve the best results. Even if the air way function is not in the normal state. So we clinical allergists love immunotherapy. So if there is any questions on cluster immunotherapy or allergen immunotherapy or any questions regarding with the food allergy drug allergy we are most welcome to our website. Thank you very much!

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