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All About Bankart's Lesion

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All About Bankart's Lesion

Bankart's lesion is condition of the shoulder joint, which is characterized by the tearing of the labrum (cartilage) from the shoulder socket called the glenoid fossa. In order to understand this, you need to understand the anatomy of the shoulder joint.

The glenohumeral joint is the portion of the shoulder where the tip of the upper arm (humerus) attaches itself to the scapula. The specific area of the scapula where the humerus is attached is known as the glenoid cavity. The labrum is a soft tissue that runs along the glenoid, its function being to stabilize the ball of the joint in the shoulder socket. It facilitates movement of the arm by ensuring congruence between the glenoid and the humerus bone.

The symptoms of Bankart's lesion are:

  1. You may experience popping or clicking sounds in the shoulder joint
  2. Any overhead movement may cause pain
  3. You may experience sudden pain during the night
  4. Decreases range of motions, leading to impaired functioning of the arm
  5. Unstable shoulders
  6. The shoulders may become weak

The causes which may lead to a Bankart's lesion:

  1. If your arms are outstretched during a fall
  2. In case you experience a direct blow on your shoulder
  3. Lifting heavy objects or a sudden pull
  4. Performing overhead activities repetitively such as fast bowling with a straight arm action in cricket

Treatment for Bankart's lesion: 
The condition is treated after the doctor performs a thorough diagnosis of the symptoms. Once the symptoms are diagnosed, anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed for pain relief. Hot or cold compresses may also be applied on the affected area to ease the pain. In severe cases, arthroscopic surgery is done to treat the condition.

Rehabilitation involves performing various external rotation exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff joint. Various stretches may be prescribed as well to improve the mobility and flexibility of the shoulder joint. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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