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Advantages Of A Hearing Aid!

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Advantages Of A Hearing Aid!

Using a hearing aid presents a number of advantages to a hearing impaired person. First and foremost, you will hear a lot better. Hearing aids do not restore your hearing to normal but they improve it significantly. It becomes easier to hear what other people say. Sounds you have not heard for a long time such as birds singing, door bell ringing, the howling of the wind and water running may become audible to you.

Hearing aid usually improves the user’s social, psychological and physical sense of well being.

Study as well as experience shows that hearing aid generally improve the quality of life and will help you:

  • Get a better relationship with your family
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Get better mental health
  • Improve your physical well being
  • To concentrate better
  • Feel more independent and secure
  • Feel less tired or exhausted
  • Be more able to participate in social gathering
  • Be able to increase your social contact
  • Be able to do better in your job  
  • Hearing aid will help you to reduce tinnitus
  • Hearing aid will help you to avoid dementia by helping you to hear and improve cognitive functioning
  • As you start hearing through hearing aid, you will start socializing yourself and indirectly improve your quality of life.

Why you need to wear two hearing Aids?

  1. Better understanding of speech
  2. Better understanding in group and even in noisy situation
  3. Better ability to tell the direction of the sound (Localization)
  4. Better sound quality
  5. Greater listening comfort
  6. Hearing is less tiring and more pleasant
  7. Keeping both ears active preserves speech understanding in both ears
  8. Effective tinnitus masking
  9. Better understanding of listening to radio and television
  10. Speech will be clear
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