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Activities of Daily Living Like Accessing a Car s Trunk After a Disc Pain

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Activities of Daily Living Like Accessing a Car s Trunk After a Disc Pain

Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living (ADLs) are activities that we do on a regular basis as part of our daily life: driving, bathing, shaving, housework, yard work , dressing, and toileting. In healthcare, a great emphasis is placed on the importance of being able to perform these basic functions of normal living. This article is dedicated to helping anyone with a lumbar disc herniation adapt his or her life to allow healing to take place.One of the key components to healing from a disc injury is to remove the cause of injury and the causes of irritation. In this chapter we will identify ways to protect the spine from further injury while participating in activities of daily living.The prevailing concept in protecting the lumbar discs is based on maintaining a neutral arch of the spine in activities of daily living and avoiding flexion of the spine (bending forward).

Bending the spine forward distorts the nucleus of the discs in a potentially injurious manner.

Maintaining a health lordosis (arch) is protective of the lumbar disc.

Accessing a Car’s Trunk

1.Do not bend at the waist to access a car’s trunk. This is especially dangerous after prolonged driving (due to creep)

2.When accessing the trunk of a car, avoid bending at the waist. Instead, place a foot on the bumper or use the “golfer’s tilt” to minimize the risk of injury. Strive to maintain a neutral arch in the lower back.

3.The golfer’s tilt allows a protective cantilever effect to protect the disc from flexion. In a golfer’s tilt all motion occurs at the hip, not the spine.

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