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8 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Cool in Summers

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8 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Cool in Summers

During summer you try to take special care about the overall health of your body, particularly, your eyes. Eyes are one of the most important organs of the body, and the scorching summer heat can cause serious eye problems like conjunctivitis, infections, red eye, migraines etc. Which is why it's important to take proper care of eyes during the summer season.

8 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Cool in Summer

  • Sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses is very important when you are outdoors as it protects your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB light. This will help in avoiding migraines and even serious conditions like cataract.
  • Avoid UV Rays: Avoid midday sunshine. Stay indoors as much as possible during the middle of the day to avoid the sunshine then when the effect of the sun and ultraviolet radiation exposure are at their peak.
  • Wear Goggles: When you plan to go for a swim, make sure you wear your swimming goggles. Otherwise, you might catch conjunctivitis.
  • You should not splash water into the eyes directly unless any foreign particles such as dust enter your eyes. This might damage the tear film of the eye, which protects your eyes.
  • Maintain Eye Hygiene: You need to maintain proper hygiene by washing your hands and face properly as soon as you reach home so that dust or grime does not enter the eyes as their entry can result in allergies and infections.
  • Use Cucumber: You can keep a slice of cucumber on each of your eyes to relax and cool them down.
  • Proper Sleep: 6 to 8 hours of sleep are a must as they help in revitalizing your eyes.
  • Vegetables in Diet: Adding green vegetables, carrots, nuts, liver, and fruits to your diet would be very beneficial for the health of your eyes.

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