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5 Ways To Break Your Technology Addiction

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Ms. Sheetal Bidkar 88% (75 ratings)
International Certified Addiction Professional
Psychologist, Mumbai  •  11 years experience
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Sheetal Bidkar and I am a clinical psychologist and addiction therapist at swasthya one step clinic Mumbai.

Let's talk about some digital Detox today, because use of internet, use of social media and Gadgets it's a very common thing. In a digital world, we are more isolated and rather depressed. So let's talk about how to handle this new digital depression. I will give you five simple tips to understand that digital detoxification. First, connect in real times. Forwarding a forwarded message to your friend doesn't convey the real message that you care for him and you are really interested in his world. But calling him for just a cup of tea and talking about his real-life situation will definitely convey that message. So remember to connect in real time. second and most important. Be a digital role model for your kids and even for your colleagues.

So when you want that people should not scroll their screens in front of you all the time you should not do that. So limit your period and be a really good role model to everyone around you. Third and most important create a digital free zone for yourself while exercising while travelling while being with self While having dinner or male with your family say no to any gadgets. Be it TV, be it your mobile laptop or any other screen. Another part, have a purpose for every platform say.

For example, I am on, Facebook I am on LinkedIn, ask yourself, why am I using this if you are on LinkedIn. the primary purpose is to search for a job. stick to that purpose. if you are on facebook, you are just trying to connect with other people like you. stick to that purpose .so don't wrong and waste your time on this app now and then. Fifth and more important thing. Limit your use, have a set timing for yourself. Ask for help if you are living with your family, if you find me using 45 minutes for more my mobile on my laptop please come to knock the door and tell me that 45 minutes are over ask for help for the betterment. Apply these 5 simple tips and let's see how this digital detoxification help us to be more happy. You can contact for book an appointment with me on thank you.

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