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5 Effective Strategies To Combat Depression

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5 Effective Strategies To Combat Depression

Depression is a rising menace among teens and even adults. A lot of people suffer from depression without even realising and when their productivity is affected because of it, they get further depressed and anxious and the vicious cycle continues. Most people try to deal with it using methods that ultimately harm them internally: habits they acquire that prove detrimental to their well-being. Depression is not sadness, but they are two sides of the same coin. Prolonged sadness that makes unhappy or feel apprehensive towards the feeling of happiness is a sign of depression.

Being a lifestyle disease, it’s something you constantly have to live with, thus requiring you to look for solutions to overcome the slump it creates. Here are 5 different ways in which you can effectively deal with depression:

  1. Try not to isolate yourself: The biggest issue with people suffering from depression is that they isolate themselves and retreat into their shells, quietly suffering. The key is not to keep it all to yourself but find someone who will understand and talk. Talking about it is actually helpful because having someone to listen will make you feel less lonely.
  2. Seek professional help: Depression can contribute to a lot of health problems and it can get quite difficult to deal with it alone. Seek professional help and check whether you need medication. There is no shame in trying to treat your depression with proper medical help; it’s like any other pathological disease only this one is psychological and doesn’t manifest itself in a series of common symptoms.
  3. Find things you like to do: Depression makes you feel like you are good at doing nothing or that you are not allowed to enjoy yourself. No matter how small the task may be do it. Even if it is as menial as stacking and restacking your bookshelf, do it. This includes going for walks, treating yourself through some retail therapy or even finishing reading a book you have put off for months or years can provide with a sense of achievement integral to feeling better.
  4. Organize things around you: If things are a mess around you, you will automatically feel like a messy person inside your head and that becomes a determining factor in how you feel. Try to organise your surroundings so that you feel the drive to organise your personal mental state.
  5. Avoid negative thoughts: Depression brings along in its wake a series of negative thoughts including suicidal tendencies. It is imperative to seek professional help at this point if you feel like harming yourself. A way to combat the constant negative thoughts in your head try and focus on the good things and or memories that you have experienced. Even meditation goes a long way to gather your focus and attention.

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