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5 Afterplay Moves To End It With A Bang

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Sexologist, Mumbai  •  29 years experience
5 Afterplay Moves To End It With A Bang

It is generally assumed that after sexual intercourse, men more often tend to doze off immediately, leaving the women not entirely satisfied, primarily because of less foreplay and after play action. These assumptions are, however, not entirely wrong and there are many ways with which one can prove thus.

Here are a few tips whereby you can reverse this clich and end it with a bang :

- The traditional belief that men are more emotionally detached after intercourse than women are is inherently true in most cases and the best way to prevent your man from snoozing immediately after sex is to hold him tight and snuggle up. Being held feels good and right for both sexes, and is also an effective way of retaining heat.

-  A great way of prolonging that physical intimacy after sexual intercourse is by giving your man a smooth massage. Perhaps you can lighten up his senses by slowly tracing circles on his torso or by gradually moving over and around the navel areas confidently and sensuously. 

- By way of suggesting a bath or shower after sex, you are, in a way, inviting him and yourself for another possible orgasmic session. After taking turns in scrubbing each other's backs, necks and shoulders, you can proceed with moving along towards other parts of the body. Furthermore, a hot and wet-nude environment eventually supports a post-orgasmic flush.

- Oral sex is yet another invigorating way of sustaining the erotic process. Paying more attention to the area around the anus as well as the area around the clitoris is always an effective method to 'end it with a bang'.  

- You could also try paying him compliments or whispering and breathing romance into his ears with stuff like, "I love you", or "I desire you", accompanied by light sexual caresses -as long as it prevents him from snoozing!

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