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4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Sexual Happiness

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Dr. Sudhakar Petkar 92% (691 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), L.C.P.S, PhD ,D.P.S.M
Sexologist, Ahmednagar  •  46 years experience
4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Sexual Happiness

Do you wish to have a strong relation with your partner? Do you wish for stress free and blissful relation? Do you wish to be sexually happy? Well, you just have to follow four simple steps. You have to remember the fact that sexual interaction is not just a matter of physical happiness, but it is also directly linked with mental satisfaction. Therefore, you have got to prepare yourself mentally before you get intimate with your partner in bed. These steps will help you come much closer to your partner so that you can derive the highest sexual pleasure.

  1. Exploring your body: If you want to make your partner comfortable at the time of physical intimacy, then you have to get connected with him both mentally and physically. In this case, half hearted feelings will not do at all. Complete relaxation is needed before sex, and you can also use any vibrator for getting increased sexual drive. Concentrating on foreplay is one of the best strategies in revealing your love and sexual feelings. Foreplay is needed for increasing the sexual excitement to a great extent. Take your time and be spontaneous, in order to make the moments more spiced up. Your kinky side should be exposed towards your partner.
  2. Proper communication with the partner: Reveal your likes and dislikes to your partner so that the interaction can be made much stronger. You should switch off your phone at the time of private interaction, in order to avoid unwanted interruptions. Honest confession about your body changes should be included. Mutually pleasurable acts need to be done on a specific note in order to get the highest pleasure. You can also share your sexual fantasies in order to make the interaction more effective and powerful.
  3. Choose a proper time for sexual intimacies: Choose the best time for making sex with your partner. If you wish to create a wonderful space, then nothing can be a better option than planning a vacation. Sex initiation can be done by practicing, both physical and emotional intimacy. If you think that you are facing any trouble in understanding the sexual needs of your partner, then you can definitely consult any expert counsellor or therapist. You have to try to overcome all sorts of emotional hindrances; otherwise, you will not be able to understand the feelings of your partner.
  4. Stay fit and stable: You should be physically fit and mentally stable to get the best out of physical intimacy. Staying fit and calm is easy with simple exercises, walking and doing yoga regularly.

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