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10 Tips to Sizzle up Your Sex Life

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Dr. Sayeed Khan 89% (186 ratings)
Sexologist, Delhi  •  28 years experience
10 Tips to Sizzle up Your Sex Life

As time progresses in a relationship, the sizzle somehow fizzles out and does not bring the same excitement as it used to.  However, sex is one of the best ways to keep the relationship lively and young.  Despite the hectic lifestyle and the weariness that sets in, there are definitely some simple things that can add some spice to your life and pump a new lease of life into the relationship.  What was initially spontaneous needs some forceful trying with time. 

Listed below are some tips that can help you sizzle up your sex life.

  1. Simple touch: Remember that sex need not happen in the bedroom when the lights are off. Routine, regular touch, which could include holding hands and a peck on the cheek can help keep the interest alive.  Make it a routine to do this every day, at a chosen time of the day.
  2. Fix up a date: Even if it sounds forced, block one day of the week as your date day.  If possible, go out for a dinner which will bring a change of place. Cook some aphrodisiac foods like onion, celery, asparagus could add to the magic. 
  3. Go lingerie shopping together: This could be one nice way to rekindle interest and along the way, you might end up with some nice fancy stuff.
  4. Watch adult movies together: This definitely will bring you in the mood.  If you are both game, then you could watch something different and even end up trying.  It has been proven that a person's preferences in bed change with time, and the new positions and forms might bring back the eagerness to indulge in the act more often.
  5. Try different place, different time: This could be something like spending time in the shower together, or in the pool, or even spending a night in a hotel for a change.  The routine home environment sometimes just sucks away the energy and mood required for sex.
  6. Frank discussion: As much as it might seem difficult, try having a frank discussion with your partner about how they feel about sex - would they like to turn anything, why there is less of it in general, etc.
  7. Work out: Exercise to show that you are interested in keeping yourself in shape and healthy.  This definitely will kindle interest in the other person.
  8. Read about sex: There are some sex facts including how it helps in curing headache, is the best cure for cold, is more effective than half an hour of running, frequent ejaculations reduce chances or prostate cancer, etc.

And these are some sure ways to improve your sex life.

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