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Laser - How It Can Help Treat Acne Scars?

Laser - How It Can Help Treat Acne Scars?
Once acne heals, it can leave behind acne scars that consist of clogged pores such as blackheads and whiteheads, deeper cysts and pimples.

What can cause acne scars?
Acne causes inflammation and often results in wounds and damages to your skin, thus breaking down elastin and collagen. After the wounds heal, much of the collagen is left behind which causes acne scars. This makes your skin appear uneven. In addition, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH) is also caused by acne. Consequently, there is overproduction of melanin, causing skin discoloration.

Why scar treatment?
If not treated on time, acne scaring may lead to extreme embarrassment, low self-esteem, depression and social withdrawal. Acne scars can be corrected by an acne dermatology treatment. .

Types of acne scars
Depending upon the depth and area of the damage caused to the skin, the acne scars may include rolling acne scars, boxcar acne scars, icepick acne scar and raised acne scars.

Acne Scar Removal
Firstly, the formation of new acne should be kept in check. Depending upon the characteristics of the skin and scars, scar removal is customized. If the scars are few and less aggressive, it can be treated by fillers that can be injected into your skin. If the scarring happens to be heavy and more aggressive, surgical treatment might be needed, one of which is the laser treatment.

Laser treatment of scars (Skin Surfacing)

Fraxel Repairing is a part of the CO2 Laser treatment which removes the blemishes caused by acne, stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation. It stimulates your body s natural ability to produce collagen, rejuvenates the cells and smoothens the surface of the skin.
Active FX, also called MaxFX, is a fractional treatment by laser for treating loose skin, facial lines and hyper-pigmentation.
Erbium is a type of laser used for the removal of moderately deep lines and superficial skin, surrounding the hands, face, chest and neck
People with a darker skin tone should not go in for skin surfacing. For smaller areas, topical anesthetics are used and for larger ones, a nerve block or sedation is used.
Potential Complications
Potential side effects include a burning sensation, swelling, itching, scarring, obstruction of sweat glands causing raised bumps on the skin, infection or pigmentation issues.

After Care
You will have to get the area dressed, soaked, and apply an ointment daily till it heals completely.
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Eating Out - 7 Hacks to Eat Healthy!

Eating Out - 7 Hacks to Eat Healthy!
Eating out and eating healthy usually do not go hand in hand. You would be more likely to gorge on junk food instead of its healthier counterparts while eating out with your family. When it comes to eating out, you may not always know about the healthy items available at your disposal; this very fact pushes you more towards the unhealthier variants.

But hey! We ve got ways to stop you getting swept off by that hungry tide churning in your belly. Below mentioned are just a few tips that could come in handy, if you decide to finally drop by that uber cool restaurant you were planning to go to!

Read the menu carefully: Go through the menu carefully before ordering your food. Look for dishes that are less oily and do not contain hidden sugars. If you are not sure about the calorific content of the dish, you could ask the person in charge about it. Or, go for options that you already are aware of; both the food and its supposed calorie content.
Eat a healthy snack before your meal: To reduce your portion size of the main course, you can eat a healthy snack to act as filler. Opt for healthy snacks such as chickpeas or a handful of almonds before eating out; it can make you eat less during the main course.
Drink water right before the meal: Drinking a glass or two of water right before the meal serves as a technique widely used by diligent weight watchers. Water contains no calories and acts as an internal cleanser for your body.
Skip the dessert: The dessert is one portion of the meal that is filled with empty calories. In this country, the dessert occupies a generous space in every foodie s list and belly. However, remember that it is often the dessert that is responsible for the saggy abdominal fat you hate to look at. If you don t want to skip the dessert, readily go for simpler alternatives like the humble plain curd topped with slices of fresh fruits or the ever gratifying Greek yogurt. Sweet indulgence at its healthiest best!
Say vinegar: Might not sound very intelligent, but then try mixing a teaspoon of vinegar to a glass of water and then drink it. Vinegar is known to have properties that reduce your cravings. It also lowers the blood sugar levels in the body. Surprised, you will be.
Control your portion sizes: The buffet spread could just be your undoing at the dinner table. Don t get overboard looking at the variety and try to keep a check on the portion sizes. Keep the portions small and avoid taking any extra helping. If the hunger pangs do not subside, go for salads. Don t get bored already. Salads can come in a delicious platter and amaze you with its health benefits. The Russian salad can never go wrong.
Avoid carbonated drinks: Carbonated beverages should not be brewing in your head if you are a weight watcher. Cold drinks and other carbonated beverages contain empty calories that should be absolutely got over with; irrespective of how health conscious you are.
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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy - How It Can Benefit Your Skin?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy - How It Can Benefit Your Skin?
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a natural product generated in the human body. The syringe extracts a small quantity of blood of the patient and rotates in a centrifuge to make the red blood cells and white blood cells separated from plasma and platelets. The plasma created in the centrifuge contains a high number of platelets than the normal which is termed as platelet rich plasma or PRP.

The platelet rich plasma therapy is the process in which the plasma that has more platelet count is injected in the areas of dark, wrinkled and saggy skin. The injected plasma helps to produce collagen and reproduce tissue that is needed to give a rejuvenated and smooth skin.

Skin Concerns

Patients who are aged 30-80 are treated in this therapy. This covers the skin problems like fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, loss of volume in the cheeks, skin sagginess on the mid face and jawline, skin thinning of neck, elbows and aging and sun damage to the skin.
Patients with skin disease, severe metabolic diseases, cancer, chemotherapy and abnormal platelet count can t go for this treatment.
PRP is different from fillers and injections
The therapy of PRP gives a boost to your own collagen to fill up the saggy skin. This method is used for giving volume to the face that has wrinkled and drawn face and cheeks. It gives a fullness to your face, including lips and under eye hollows.
On the other hand, fillers and injections of hyaluronic acid only cover the lines and folds present on the skin which last for only 6-18 months. Patients need to visit a dermatologist to avail the treatment again.
PRP injections can be slightly uncomfortable but patients gain relief sooner. Generally, it takes 15-20 minutes for the procedure. It is comparatively painless and there is no need of any special care of the skin after the treatment. Only the daily routine of skin care will do. There is no report of side effects as the plasma is created from the patient s own blood.

The objective of PRP therapy is to gain a full face with rejuvenated skin, open pores, no wrinkles and softer lines. This therapy needs at least 3-4 months to show the desired results. A skillful and knowledgeable dermatologist should be consulted before going for this treatment. Many a time, 6 RED Light LED therapy is prescribed by the dermatologist to speed up the process of skin rejuvenation.
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5 Facts You Never Knew About Plastic Surgery

5 Facts You Never Knew About Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery is a speciality that deals with reconstruction, alteration and restoration of certain parts in the human body. It improves a person's appearance and may also help in improving the functionality of various body parts. It can be classified as either re-constructive or cosmetic Surgery:

Re-constructive Surgery: These type of surgeries are used to correct various defects in the body such as injuries as a result of trauma, physical birth defects, deformities in the ear and cleft lips.
Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery is used to modify a part of the body for cosmetic reasons. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures are reconstructing the nose, removing fat from certain parts of the body and reshaping the breasts.

Outlined below are 5 facts about plastic surgery:

Liposuction is popular among males: The most common plastic surgery among men is liposuction. So far, out of the 1 million plastic surgeries that men have undergone, most have been liposuction. The other popular cosmetic surgeries for men are face lifts and Rhinoplasty.
35-50 year old undergo the maximum number of plastic surgeries. In 2014, over 4 million procedures were performed on people whose ages were in the range of 35-50 years. The most common concerns were sagging skin and fine lines. Liposuction was the most popular surgery in this age group.
Most women opt for breast augmentation: Breast augmentation often requires correcting various issues such as post-op sagging and various other tweaks like modifying the size of the implants. The number of revisions in breast surgeries has actually gone up compared to the initial breast surgeries.
Asian double eyelid surgery: A surgery where the eyelids are altered to make your eyes look bigger and attractive. It is a popular surgery among Asian women.
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Hair Loss - Benefits Of PRP Therapy For It!

Hair Loss - Benefits Of PRP Therapy For It!
Are you suffering from the problems of excessive hair fall or hair loss? Are you turning bald at a young age? Hair loss can have different reasons and causes. Sometimes, it is a symptom of a major disease. At times, hair loss is just due to hormonal issues. Whatever be the cause, excessive loss of hair leaves bald patches on your scalp. At times, they are really embarrassing for the person suffering from such hair problems. Though there are surgical methods like hair transplant and hair re-growth serum, the newest technology and treatment that people are interested in is the PRP treatment.

What is PRP?
PRP is also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. After several experiments and research medical practitioners have started making use of this therapy to help you grow back the hair that you have lost. The process of this therapy is extremely simple. It uses your own platelet rich plasma. This plasma is injected onto your scalp with the help of a thin needle. The main purpose is that the plasma reacts with the growing factors of the blood and helps the hair to grow naturally. This can be seen as a very natural procedure as your own plasma is used for treating your hair loss issues. It is carefully conducted by experts after several tests on your scalp and plasma. It is undertaken by trained professionals and thus is seen as a successful way of getting your hair back.

Advantages of PRP:
There are several advantages of this therapy. Some of them are explained below:

It is one of the very few non-surgical procedures. It is effective in most cases and has been successful in providing desired results. It is also a very simple treatment to undergo and thus many choose it compared to transplants.
Your recovery period is not very long and thus, after about a week s rest you can go about living your life normally.
It is a very safe procedure. Several tests are conducted prior to the implementation of this therapy. If complications are bound to arise, your medical practitioner would definitely inform you.
Thus, if you are experiencing excessive hair loss and severe balding of the scalp, this is one treatment that you can opt for. The advantages have been clearly outlined for your benefit. Furthermore, it is recommended that you visit your dermatologist before settling for any kind of treatment. They would assess your scalp condition and causes of hair fall and guide you towards the right treatment for your problems.
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Its Time To Look Younger With Anti-Aging Treatments !

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Hello I am Dr. Chiranjiv Chabra. I am dermatologist and I am the director and chief dermatologist at skin alive clinics. Today we look into the Anti-aging treatments that are available to make us look more vibrant, youthful and younger. Before getting into the treatments we should understand how aging happening is and why it is happening? Aging happens due to external factors that is the environmental factors and our lifestyle as well as internal factors that is the natural aging process. None of us can escape the aging process.

Let us look into the solutions how we can solve these issues. When we age, aging is happening at the level of our bowl and then at the level of the soft tissue which is over the bowl and then at the level of the skin. So all layers of the skin as well as the underline tissue has to be taken care of in these treatments. The various treatments that can be used for anti-aging or aging solutions. The effective ones are laser rejuvenation, where in a beam of light is made to shine on the skin and this light stimulates our collagen, tightens and lifts the skin, makes the skin smoother, and of a better quality. We can get results even in as less as four to five sessions, which can be done at a gap of one week each. This is called laser rejuvenation or laser toning.

Then we have advance treatments like Firm Fractional laser which is a treatment to tighten and lift the skin. Besides doing this it also removes blemishes, dyschromias, patchy skin, tanning, and so the skin looks fresher, even in color, and younger. Just a few sessions can make us look at least 5-6 years younger. Then there are array of medical facials available like diamond polishing or microdermabrasion, vitamin C electroporation lightening therapies, oxygen therapies for the face. These treatments are mild and gentle on the skin and they remove tiredness and bring around freshness to the face. Some of the latest treatments or solutions for anti-aging are thermage, Al-therapy, Botox fillers, and vampire facelift. Let us look into all of these one by one.

Thermage is a single session treatment, non-invasive, relatively painless, to tighten and lift a skin. It does so by stimulating the collagen and the proteins in the skin and helps in tightening of the jaw-line, cheeks, eyelids, skin, and neck in fact any part of the body. This treatment is very popular and we have been doing it for the past 15 years now.
Al-therapy is another technology to lift and tighten the skin. Here the sound waves touch the skin very gently and tighten and lift. Especially used for the area of the jaw-line, eyebrow lift, cheek lift, as well as it can lift any part of the body like sagging arms, stomach or breasts.
Besides this there is a very interesting treatment called Vampire facelift. This is a trademark treatment wherein we take the blood of the patient that is the individual, and we put it into a special process by this we separate your own growth factors which are re-applied onto the skin.
Now these growth factors when re-applied on the skin they work as an anti-aging factors and they tighten and lift the skin and also improves the skin quality and glow and hydration. Now combine with these treatments which I have just discussed there are two latest therapies called Botox and Fillers. Botox is nothing but a simple protein, this protein was once upon a time and still is used ok we stop here again Botox. So if looking younger is in your mind you can choose any of the above treatments.

If you have any further queries you can visit us at Lybrate.

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Chemical Peels - Are they Safe?

Chemical Peels - Are they Safe?
A chemical peel is a chemical where an acid solution is used for the removal of damaged outer layers of the skin. Alpha hydroxyl acids and trichloroacetic acids are used in chemical peels. Phenol is also applied to the skin. Chemical peels help to improve the appearance of the skin on the hands, neck and the face. The peel when applied to the skin causes it to exfoliate and eventually peels off. The new skin is much smoother and less wrinkled.

Chemical peels are of several types:

Superficial peels: In this type, alpha hydroxyl acid is used to penetrate the outer layer of the skin and exfoliate it gently. Superficial peels are used for improving the appearance of mild skin discoloration and rough skin.
Medium peels: In medium peels, trichloroacetic acid is used for penetrating the middle layers of the skin to remove damaged cells. Improvement in age spots, lines and wrinkles can be done using medium peels. Rough skin is smoothened.
Deep peels: These are the most aggressive types of peels, which helps to treat coarse wrinkles, severely sun damaged skin and even pre-cancerous growth. In the case of deep peels, trichloroacetic acid or phenol is used to remove damaged cells on the skin. Skin appearance is improved drastically.
Conditions treated with chemical peels

Chemical peels are used for the treatment of certain conditions such as:
Reduction of fine lines which occur under the eyes or around the mouth.
Treatment of wrinkles which are caused due to sun damage or old age using chemical peels.
Chemical peels help in improving the appearance of mild scars on the skin surface.
Several types of acne are cured by chemical peels.
Chemical peels help in reducing the age spots, freckles and dark patches known as melasma, which occur because of pregnancy or because of taking birth control pills.
The overall look and feel of the skin is improved after using chemical peels.
After a chemical peel treatment is done, the skin becomes extra sensitive to the sun.

Are chemical peels safe?
Chemical peels are very effective and provide perfect rejuvenation to the skin. Chemical peels are quite safe and have several benefits.

Chemical peels help in restoring your wrinkled, blotchy and sun damaged skin, making it fresh and youthful.
There are three major types of chemical peels, which offer different benefits. The light chemical peel helps in improving the acne scars and enhances skin texture. The medium peels help in smoothening wrinkles and correcting the age spots. The deep chemical peels treat skin damage due to the sun.
Chemical peels involve the use of chemicals or acid to improve the appearance and condition of the skin. This procedure is very effective and satisfactory results are obtained.
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Cuticle Skin Peeling - How to Treat it?

Cuticle Skin Peeling - How to Treat it?
Your hand is an integral part of your persona, which is why you need to keep them clean and presentable. However, conditions such as cuticle skin peeling can take away the beauty of your hands. Cuticle skin peeling can also irritate your hand throughout the day when the cuts are exposed to external elements, such as food or dirt. You could also infect your fingers in the process, if the cuticles are not treated properly.

Causes of Cuticle skin peeling:

Allergic reaction: Bacteria may cause allergies and stimulate cuticle peeling problem. Detergents and other chemical product can also cause irritation.
Bad habit: If you have a habit of biting nails or picking nails, then also you can be infected. Moreover, if you rip off your hanging nails instead of chipping them properly then it can result to skin infection.
Lack of minerals: Calcium and vitamin deficiency can also be a reason for cuticle skin peeling around your fingernails. The skin gets dry and flaky resulting in breaks and chips which may in turn lead to cuticles.
Skin diseases: If you have any skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis etc then you are likely to develop skin cuticle peeling problem.
Some treatments for cuticle peeling problems

Warm lemon water: Rinse your hand everyday with warm lemon water to clean the nooks and crannies of the fingers where dirt may be stored. After washing hour hands ensure your moisturise them to keep it supple which will prevent the development of cuticles.
Cucumber: You can also rub cucumber slices gently on your skin to reduce the inflammation form cuticles and sooth any wounds on the fingers.
Aloe vera: You can also use the aloe vera gel for its cooling and soothing factors. Using aloe vera multiple times a day will help to get rid of cuticle-peeling by naturally moisturising and disinfecting the skin areas a t the same time.
Honey: Use honey on your hands and then wash it with lukewarm water to get soft and smooth skin.
Balanced diet: Maintaining a proper diet containing which has healthy fats, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protein will nourish all areas of your skin properly and prevent the problems of cuticle peeling occurring in the first place.
Antibiotics: You may also need to take anti-infection drugs to reduce the problem if you have already had an infection in your fingers within the cuticles.
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Rhinoplasty: What You Need To Know?

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I am Dr. Talwar, cosmetic surgeon from New Delhi. Today I will be speaking about the Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is actually the beautification of the nose and this the after the age of puberty. People use to bring children of 10-11 years old age and ask if the nose can be corrected or not. But we feel that once the growth of the nose is complete which is around the puberty time 14-15 years then we can do the rhinoplasty or the beautification of the nose. Now in rhinoplasty, there are many techniques which immediate or many problems which can be solved. Suppose you have got a hump on the nose then that naturally can be corrected. We can shave it off and then fracture the nose from the side and make it narrower. Also the height is reduced. If your nose is flat then we can raise the height of the nose. It can be done you can take local tissues like cartilage from septum or year or the chest and with this the height of the nose can be raised. Then there is tip deformities. Tip deformity are like suppose the height is less or it is more round then we can correct that by trimming the lower cartilages. If the nose is broad then we can narrow it down by cutting the extra tissues. So there are different problems which can be rectified by different techniques. The question patient ask is whether there will be any skin mark or not? So there are two techniques- either we can make a cut from inside the nose and then go inside and correct the nose, the another is the open approach which is also getting more and more popular in which we just make a small cut in the base and lift up the whole skin like a bonnet of the car and correct whatever is to be done and then put down the skin back. So this is open approach.a Open and close both the approaches are being followed and scars are hardly visible. Second thing which they ask for is - whether it is to is under local or general anaesthesia. So most of the cases are done under local anaesthesia in which we do not make the patient unconscious but yes if the bone has to gets or the bone has to be cut or fractured and narrowed so in that case we generally prefer to give a general anaesthesia because the patient mind get some pain. After rhinoplasty usually the dressing nose is packed for The second days and packing of the nose is removed but the plaster or the tape are for 7-10 days time for total The results in certain cases are immediately, if you raise the nose it is immediate but if you do the tip work then the result will be apparent after 3 months onwards and the final shape might come after 9-12 months time. So you have to have patience when you go for a rhinoplasty and otherwise it's a the day job. Morning we do the surgery, if it is a local anaesthesia in the patient can go on the same day. If it is under general anaesthesia then the by evening also we can send them back. So practically no admission or maybe 8-12 hours admission is required maximum and the dressing is required for 7-10 days time. The results are very rewarding in this case. Male and female both are coming forward for this surgery because nose is one of the most prominent part of your face. Thank you very much!
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Know The Procedure Of Dermabrasion!

Know The Procedure Of Dermabrasion!
Dermabrasion is a procedure where a brush made up of wire or a rough edged diamond wheel is used on the skin to remove the upper layer from the skin. The rotation of the brush causes the upper layer of the skin to come off and may cause bleeding. The skin that comes off is replaced with new skin.

Why it is done?

The procedure may be used to treat various surgical scars.
Usually this procedure is used to get rid of acne scars.
The procedure is used to treat various superficial growths that occur on the skin such as small cysts.
It may also be used to treat wrinkles around the mouth.
The area where the procedure is carried out is marked and then cleaned properly. Local anesthesia is used to numb the skin followed by an application of ice pack for about half an hour. If the preceding procedures do not harden the skin enough, then a freezing spray may be used to firm up the skin. Gauze may be used to restrict the bleeding which results from the procedure. The area is then cleaned and ointment is applied.

The depth and size of the procedure determine, how much time the recovery process will take. For example, a small patch of skin will take little time to heal compared to a full face dermabrasion. It usually takes 6 to 7 days for the skin to regrow, which is pink in color. The color tends to fade away in 2 to 3 months. Usually patients do not suffer from pain, but if you do have some pain then you can take pain relievers. Corticosteroids may be used to treat swellings, if any.

You need to follow certain precautionary measures after the surgery:

Regular cleaning of the skin to avoid various infections of the skin.
Regular changing of the dressing and the ointment to speed up the healing process.
Sun exposure needs to be avoided as the new skin is prone to damage. You may use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun's rays.
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