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Retinoscopy Test

Retinoscopy Test

Retinoscopy, aka skiascopy, is a technique that is used to identify any internal errors inside the eyes which further facilitates the recommendation for eye care and medications required. It is a quick, easy and authentic technique that requires very little effort on the part of the patient. It uses the method of passing the light rays across the patient’s eyes and by assessing the reflection of the retina, the patient’s eye health is examined. Several varied lenses are used to neutralize the image formed and the one which best adjusts the image, is selected. The test can be conducted in eye care centers and registered testing labs also.

For the successful completion of this test, it is crucial that there are no external products used in the eye, such as artificial lenses. You will be expected to look directly at the ray of light and in order to get clear images, your eyes will be diluted. This allows for an absolute conclusion and analysis of the images. You will be asked to sit in an upright posture so that the process is carried out without any disturbances that can be caused due to body movements. There are no eating restrictions that you will be expected to go for before this test.

As mentioned above, the retinoscopy test focuses on the eye care and is conducted to examine the wellness of your eyes. It is done for both the eyes separately and takes about 10 minutes to be completed. It is further useful in: Assessing eyesight. Detecting any injuries in the eyes. Objective measurement for refractive errors Screening for ocular disease Identifying opacities in the lenses and iris Detecting retinal detachment Locating trans illumination defects in uveitis

Retinoscopy is conducted through a machine known as retinoscope. The retinoscope consists of light, a condensing lens and a mirror. As mentioned above, during the procedure, the doctors will ask you to look straight at the retinoscope to enable the light to pass through the pupil. Then, the light is moved both ways- vertically and horizontally and through this, the image is observed from different angles and the reflections of the lights off the retina are assessed. This is how the ophthalmologist examines the eye health.

Rs 70- Rs 300

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