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PNS Water View Test

PNS Water View Test

Paranasal sinuses (PNS) usually consist of four paired air-filled spaces. The most important function of PNS is to reduce the weight of the head. Other functions of PNS are aiding in voice resonance and air humidification. A paranasal sinus water view x-ray is an imaging test which uses a small amount of radiation through the chin at an angle and is specially used to obtain diagnostic information about the bony structures of the front of the head and especially regarding frontal sinuses and maxillary sinuses. A PNS sinus x-ray helps the doctors in detecting problem related to the sinuses. It is a non-invasive test with little discomfort or pain and can be completed quickly.

As such no special preparation is required before PNS x-ray. You do not need o fast or avoid taking medicines before the exam. You are asked to change your dress into a hospital gown during the exam. You may be also asked by the x-ray technician or radiologist to remove the metal items like eyeglasses, jewelry or any metal objects from your body because these items can show up on an x-ray. You also need to inform the technician regarding the certain medication or the underlying medication or allergies before the exam. You will be provided with specific instruction depending on the conditions.

A PNS water view x-ray is usually ordered by the doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of sinusitis or sinus problems. Sinusitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection which develops after a viral infection. The PNS x-ray is also helpful in detecting other problems like bleeding or tumor in your noses. PNS x-ray is commonly used to help distinguish uncomplicated sinusitis from other problems which may cause other problems like a headache, dental infections or jaw joint. If it becomes necessary to see more of the bones or sinuses that are surrounding them or the complications of sinusitis like bone infection develops, then the doctor may also ask for a CT scan along with x-ray.

You are asked to lie down or sit on an x-ray table. The x-ray technician or the radiologist then places a lead apron over your torso to protect you from radiation. The radiologist then places your head in a line with the x-ray machine. You need to stay still for few moments while the images are being produced by the machine. You will be able to hear a clicking sound when the x-ray images will be taken by the machine. You should remain still otherwise the images will be blurred. The radiologist will reposition you several times to create several images of all the sinuses.

Rs 300- Rs 3000

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