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Nipple Discharge Cytology (Both Breast) Test

Nipple Discharge Cytology (Both Breast) Test

Nipple discharge is the most common complaint of patients seeking medical attention for breast disease, accounting for about 5% of all breast symptoms. Nipple discharge can be either pathologic or physiologic. Pathologic nipple discharge typically is unilateral, involves a single duct, is spontaneous, and may be serous or bloody/ bloodstained. Physiologic nipple discharge is usually bilateral, involves multiple ducts, and is white or green. Although ominous to patients, most pathologic nipple discharge is due to benign breast disease. Most of the women presenting with pathologic nipple discharge have been reported to have an underlying malignancy.

There is no preparation required by the patient. In case there is any pre-medication taken, doctor should be informed.

Detection and differentiation of benign and malignant lesions Reduce mortality by early detection of diseases Breast cancer can be detected at early stage The test results are useful in surgical planning Diagnosis of recurrent or metastatic breast cancer Confirmation of locally advanced cancer Breast cytology has gradually established itself as an individual risk assessment tool for women at risk of developing breast cancer Unfolding and distinguishing benign and malignant breast lesions.

Sample: Nipple discharge Quantity: Pea size drop Container: Cardboard or plastic slide holder(s), Coplin jar(s) There are two techniques for specimen collection: Preferred method using liquid-based collection (monolayer). Alternate method using glass slides (smear).

body fluid (nipple discharge)
glass slide
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Cytological Features
All age groups
reported by the pathologist
Rs 300- Rs 900

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