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MRI Scan - Whole Spine Test

MRI Scan - Whole Spine Test

A Whole Spine MRI Scan is an imaging test done to access the spinal anatomy and investigate the causes of a patient's back pain. The MRI can find changes in the spine and other tissues. MRI scans are needed when other imaging tests like X-ray, and CT scan fails to obtain any critical information and conservative treatment has stopped working or responding well. A Whole Spine MRI Scan is recommended to better diagnose the problems with your spine and provide an alternative treatment. The MRI Scan can also find problems such as infection or a tumour.

Before your MRI Test, inform your doctor about:

Pregnancy, if any.

Have any metal such as hearing aids, dentures, stents, pacemaker, or braces implanted in your

Deal with anxiety issues in confined spaces.

Are taking any medicines.

Recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes with empty pockets.

Do not wear any external metal piece such as jewellery or watch. You eventually have to take
them off before the test begins.

Going on an empty stomach is recommended. If wanting to eat, take only light food beforehand.

As mentioned before, A Whole Spine MRI Scan is an imaging test done to find any abnormality in the spine. It obtains more information about the spinal anatomy and investigates the causes of a patient's back pain. The scan can look at the spine in the neck (cervical), upper back (thoracic), or lower back (lumbosacral). Find problems with the spinal disc. Find infections or a tumour. Find a nerve damage. Find any fractures and further need for surgery. Gives out a clear picture of your spine health.

The Scan is done by an MRI technologist whereas a radiologist usually reads the pictures. The entire
process may take somewhere between 30 to 90 minutes.

You may be asked to change your clothes and wear a gown.

Empty all your pockets and remove metal material from your body.

The patient lies on the table with stomach facing downwards.

Your hands, chest and head may be held with straps.

If you are too nervous to enter the machine, a mild sedative will be given to you to help feel

The table will slowly slide into the space that contains the magnet aka in the machine.

You just have to lie still on the table, and everything else will be handled by the technologist.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.1800 to Rs.3500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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