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Hi, I have operate on 4 July 18 for d 12 1 spine inquiry now I am not move my legs please consult.

T.M.M.F, pain management, T.M.M.F.,
Physiotherapist, Madurai
Hi, I have operate on 4 July 18 for d 12 1 spine inquiry now I am not move my legs please consult.
Oh dear, operation went wrong. They have cut your spinal nerve to legs. Take immediate care otherwise, you may be paralyzed for Life (paraplegia)
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Hello, I have disk slip problem. I am taking the medicine of Evion Lc, gemcal, myosone plus, neurobion forte but I have a problem in liver and my period time is less. When I taken this medicine. please advice me for Some medicine. My age is 34.

Homeopath, Raebareli
Kindly forward your reports and symptomatic details related to your menses and liver oriented complaints - well keep a note that the medicine you are consuming is the case of these. So accept this vary gift of allopathy even if you do not want to. FOr Homeopathic treatment consult back.
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Top 10 Physiotherapist in Bangalore!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
Physiotherapy is effective in restoring the mobility and functioning in any case of musculoskeletal sprains and surgeries. You can contact these top 10 physiotherapist in Bangalore in case if you or your loved one are suffering from disorders such as meniscal injuries, mental health, sciatica, shin splits, shoulder problems, spinal injuries, and sprains in ankles, thumbs, necks etc. The top physiotherapists in Bangalore are listed below:

1. Dr. Aamir Kaleem

M.P.T, Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Dr. Aamir Kaleem is a Clinical Physiotherapist with 19 years of experience. He currently practices at Quantum Physiotherapy. He is a member of Indian Association of Physiotherapist. His areas of specialisation are orthopaedic physiotherapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), Cryotherapy/ Cold Therapy and Manual Therapy.

Consultation fees: 250

2. Dr. Sumanjit Sharma


Dr. Sumanjit Sharma (P.T.) is a sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 9 years of experience. He is a member of Indian Association of Physiotherapist and currently practices at Stride Rehab Care. He actively participates in various medical camps and specialises in dealing with back pain related issues like- slip disc, cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulders.

Consultation fees: 400-500

3. Dr. Manali Gupta


Dr. Manali Gupta with 7 years of practice. She is a geriatric, orthopedic and neuro physiotherapist. She currently practices at Nap Heal and Wellness Physiotherapy Clinic, Bangalore. Few of the areas of her specialization are lumbago, sports physiotherapy, global postural reeducation - RPG.

Consultation fees: 250

4. Dr. Sandeep Dhar
MSPT (Master of Physical Therapy), BPTh/BPT

Dr. Sandeep Dhar is an experienced physiotherapist with 10 years of experience. He practices at Columbia Asia, Bangalore. He is specialises as orthopedic and sports and musculoskeletal. He is also known for his other treatments like cryotherapy, electrical stimulation, range of motion and strengthening exercises. He is a member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

Consultation fees: 650

5. Dr. Nithin Krishna K (PT)

MPTh/MPT - Neurological Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT

Dr. Nithin Krishna with 9 years of experience he practices at his own clinic Telerad RxDx diseases. His areas of expertise are areas of expertise are trauma injury, paralytic care, parkinson's disease and treating rheumatoid arthritis. He specialises as Neuromuscular Physiotherapist.

Consultation fees: 250

6. Dr. Kamalika Bhattacharya

MSc in Orhopedic Physiotherapy (UK), BPTh/BPT

Dr. Kamalika M Bhattacharya has more than 20 years of experience and has done her masters from UK. She has worked with Singapore Armed Force and Changi general Hospital as a Senior Physiotherapist and is also an experienced fitness coach. She has expertise in outpatient orthopedics, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, spine, shoulder, and spinal manipulation. She is currently practicing at Fostr Healthcare.

Consultation fees: 300

7. Dr. S. Gomathi


Dr. S Gomathi with 18 years of experience and a reputed physiotherapist. She currently practices at Dr.Gomathi's Physiotherapy Clinic and Trust Physiotherapy Clinic, Bangalore. She is a member of Indian Association of Physiotherapist. In her career she has treated many cases of weight reduction, pain management, paralysis management, maintaining venous circulation, soft tissue and joint mobilization, Heat and cold therapy, range of motion exercise.

Consultation fees: 300

8. Dr. Rajveer Singh(pt)

BPTh/BPT, Fellowship in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (FOR), MBA (Healthcare)

Dr. Rajveer Singh has 11 years of experience and practices at trinity physiotherapy. He specializes in treatment of coccydynia or tailbone pain. Other than this he also specializes in post surgery, knee pain, sports, geriatric physical physiotherapy. He is a member of Indian Association of Physiotherapist & Indian Red Cross Society.

Consultation fees: 400

9. Dr. Raksha Srinivasan


Dr. Raksha Srinivasan is a physiotherapy with specialization in sports and manual Therapy as well as MD in Acupuncture. She is a member of Indian Physiotherapy Association and currently practices at Rapid Recovery Physio, Bangalore. Her areas of expertise are trauma injury, paralytic care, parkinson's disease and treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Consultation fees: 500

10. Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel

BPTh/BPT, MPTh/MPT - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Certificate course in Manual therapy (CMT)

Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel is an experienced physiotherapist with 19 years of experience. His specialization are clinical, cardiovascular & pulmonary, geriatric, orthopedic physiotherapy. He is recipient of many awards and recognition in his field. He is currently practising at Spectrum Physio Centre, Bangalore.

Consultation fees: 500

I am a cricket sports person I injured my lower back. As per MRI I have a mild bulge disc. I am suffering from 7 months. I feel discomfort in meralgia paresthetica in my left thigh. What should I do to cure it. And will I ever play cricket again. If yes then how much time it will take.

DNB - Anesthesiology, FIPM, CCPPM, MBBS
Pain Management Specialist, Delhi
In higher center and metropolitan city nerve block for meralgia is available gives long term treatment and without side effects. For more you can consult me.
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Disc Related Problem - Do you Think You Need Surgery?

B.P.T, M.P.T
Physiotherapist, Hyderabad
Disc Related Problem - Do you Think You Need Surgery?
You might be an elite athlete or just a commoner. There is always a possibility for you to develop back pain while carrying out your daily activities. You might not be aware, but regular activities like sitting at the computer, running on the treadmill or simply crawling into your bed for a good night's sleep can affect the health of your spine. You are always at the risk of damaging your spine. These damages lead to back pain. It has been found that faulty postures can cause back pain by causing straining of the back muscles, injuring the tendons and damaging the vertebrae or ligaments. Back pain can be caused due to the overuse of a particular activity or for undertaking a new activity. Besides all these possibilities, most people put the blame on their discs for back pain.

What is a disc?

The human spine is composed of 24 bony vertebrae. These are placed one on top of the other. There is a thin intervertebral disc between each vertebrae. These discs look like jam doughnuts. They are made up of a hard outer shell known as the annulus fibrosis. They have a soft, jelly-like inner core known as the nucleus pulposus. They are shock absorbers.

What Happens To The Discs When An Injury Occurs?

The jelly-like soft core in the discs can often get shifted as a result of the accident or injury. Thus, the discs become a reason behind back pain. The pain could be due to the problems with the disc while carrying out tasks like

Prolonged sitting





Symptoms Of Disc-Related Pain:

Symptoms tend to vary due to the nature of the injury and the damage caused. However, some common symptoms have been listed below:

Localised back pain

Pain in thighs, lower legs and feet

Tingling sensations

Numbness or muscular weakness


It is best to consult a doctor to know about the treatment needed for back pain related to disc. Initial treatment after detection of the problem includes the following ways:

Intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

Application of heat and ice packs.


Home exercise program as suggested by the doctor.

Practicing of core and lumbar strengthening exercises.

One must stop movements that aggravate the pain and don t take difficult physical activities. You must take adequate rest to set things right.

Do You Need Any Surgery?

It is not always needed for all disc related problems. Most issues with the disc vanish after a week. Surgery is sought only after nonsurgical treatments prove useless. The decision must be taken by a doctor.

How Panchkarma Can Help Treat Slip Disc?

BAMS, MS - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Jaipur
How Panchkarma Can Help Treat Slip Disc?
The fast pace of modern life and sedentary work lives are affecting the physical health and posture of most people. As a result, persistent issues of back pain and slipped discs have emerged in the public health discourse. Health experts note that age remains a prime factor behind such health conditions; however, smoking and the consumption of alcohol can also aggravate these conditions in most people. In addition, obesity and excess body weight can trigger back pain and slipped disc.

Symptoms of slipped discs
Slipped discs manifest themselves in shoulder pain and uneasiness in the neck and arms. Patients that suffer from this condition also experience numbness in the upper arm. Back pain remains the primary symptom of this problem and tends to worsen at night. Also, patients may experience muscle weakness at night and a sensation of burning pain in the affected area. Advanced stages of slipped discs make it impossible for patients to walk short distances.

Conventional treatment
Medical intervention seeks to diagnose the symptoms and relieve the discomfort caused by slipped discs. Doctors also recommend methods to prevent recurrence. Conventional allopathic treatment advocates the use of painkillers or traction. This line of treatment can trigger side effects; in certain cases, treatment may not meet with much success.

The benefits of opting the Ayurvedic way
Ayurvedic treatments can help patients to avoid surgery. This form of traditional Indian medicine is safe and effective for patients of all age groups. The treatment is 100% natural and therefore, it does not cause any unwanted side effects or discomfort in the body. Ayurveda stresses on holistic healing; the practitioners of Ayurveda often create a detailed treatment plan for all patients that seek their help. However, patients must be advised to take consultations from a trained medical practitioner.

Resort to Ayurveda for a complete cure-

Patients can seek Ayurvedic treatments because these offer a tangible alternative for the treatment of prolapsed discs. According to Ayurveda, slipped disc problems may be triggered by the imbalance of the Vata element in the human body. Ayurvedic treatment targets this imbalance, and helps restore the basic function and strength of the healthy human body. Ayurvedic treatment also targets weaknesses in the lower part of the body.
Ayurvedic medications comprise herbal tablets, capsules, decoctions, and oils. These applications remain very effective in providing relief to patients suffering from mild to moderate back pain and the associated symptoms of slipped discs.
Patients suffering from chronic back pain with severe intensity may be required to undertake Ayurvedic therapies like Swedana or Sudation therapy. Abhyanga therapy can also be applied through the use of medicated oils. Shodana therapy, which helps to detoxify the body, is also a recommended course of treatment. These interventions are used to heal the nerves so that the symptoms of a herniated disc and muscular spasms are alleviated.
Ayurvedic treatments such as Basti chikitsa, Kati basti, Pneuropanchkarma can help to treat slip disc problem.
If the back pain has been a nagging concern for a while now, it is time, you consult an Ayurvedic practitioner, and take the way to complete recovery from the pain.
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I am 45, had slipped disc problem but I started playing Tennis, I don’t have much pain but have infrequent numbness on toes. Also developed little divulge on the playing right hand, not able to straighten the hand. What should I do?

DNB - Anesthesiology, FIPM, CCPPM, MBBS
Pain Management Specialist, Delhi
Dear lybrate-user its great that despite of slip disc you are playing tennis, it's a good exercise for body and building strength, you please start some cold packs for back and neck 10 min 3 times a day at both places, you might be having disc bulges at cervical region as well. So meet your nearest doctor for evaluation and management if cold packs not helping.
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I am 38 year old male I am suffering from c5 c6 disc bulge I am suffering from it one year doctor has given cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride extended release capsule it gives religion but medicine side effects are so high what should I do now.

MS(Ortho), DNB (ORTHO), Dip. (Ortho), MBBS, fellowship in minimally invasive spine surgery
Orthopedist, Mumbai
I am 38 year old male I am suffering from c5 c6 disc bulge I am suffering from it one year doctor has given cyclobenz...
What is your complaint, if it is neck pain or pain in arm also, start physiotherapy, local US or SWD with traction if only neck pain, add tens if pain in arm and forearm, do ice fomentation. If no relief then you can see me at Mumbai.
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I am suffering from slip disc since 6 months what are precautions and remedies to over come from disc problem. L5,L4 and S1 + cervical.

DNB - Anesthesiology, FIPM, CCPPM, MBBS
Pain Management Specialist, Delhi
Regular exercise and mobility is key factor which will not only treat but prevent your problems. There are many options apart from physiotherapy and surgery nowadays, if you already doing exercises and it's not helping then feel free to contact.
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